WATCH: A Look Back At Tom Robinson’s Queer Anthem “Glad To Be Gay”

We were moseying around the Internet and came across this old nugget from Tom Robinson, the gay voice of London’s Punk and New Wave scene in the 1970s. In 1978, the Tom Robinson Band released “Glad to Be Gay,” a hard-edged working-class song criticizing England’s treatment of gay people, with verses about police harassment, stereotyping in the press and gay-bashing. Though it was originally banned by BBC Radio 1, it’s long been considered a gay anthem in the UK.

A minor celebrity in the UK, Robinson made headlines in the ’90s, when the tabloids discovered he was married to a woman and had kids. He classifies himself as a “gay man who fell in love with a woman.”

BTW, We dig Robinson’s banner, but given that it’s a gay anthem, is a fist really what you wanna go with?