WATCH: Trailer For Struck By Lightning, A Movie Written By (And Starring) Chris Colfer

In case you weren’t already jealous enough of prodigal gay Chris Colfer, a trailer for the 21-year-old’s new movie, Struck By Lightning, is out. And yes, Colfer wrote the thing—and stars in it.

It features the young waif as a jaded high schooler who decides to start a literary magazine to improve his chances of getting into his dream school (Northwestern) and pursuing his journalism dreams. In order to get the other cooler kids to work on such a “lame” project, he has to blackmail them into joining the Writers’ Club, which he does by recording them doing naughty things (journalism!).

kurt-glee-chris-colferIt’s unclear in the trailer that the whole story is told from beyond the grave, but other blogs tell us that Colfer’s character is, literally, struck by lightning at the end and narrates the whole thing retrospectively.

In case you needed more reason to see it, the film is directed by Saved!‘s Brian Dannelly and also stars Christina Hendricks and Allison Janney.

Busy bee Colfer is also working on a book deal to pen two novels called The Land of Stories as well as, you know, Glee.

Photo via Carrie Reed