WATCH: Transgender Woman Performs Duet With Her Pre-Transition Self

Remember when we thought Natalie Cole’s duet with her father was innovative? Kayhar, a transgender female singer, has upped the ante by recording versions of Jordin Sparks’ “Battlefield” before and after her transition and spliced them together into a video duet.

“Progress for the trans community has been painfully slow,” Kayhar told Huffington Post. “Despite some minor advances, society still sees us as only one of two things: sex objects or punch lines. Through my music, I hope to change that. Now is the time for a trans revolution. We’re more than what the media and society has portrayed us to be and the time has come to correct those wrongs.”

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  • deltabadhand

    I can’t follow the logic of those transgendered folks who focus is on the transition instead of the final product. Isn’t the point of the transition to make mind and body align so one can get on with their lives and be happy? Too often those who get media coverage (such as this woman above) seem to want to pull attention to themselves by dwelling on the process (Look at me! Look at me! I changed my physical appearance and body chemistry drastically! I didnt used to look like this! Here’s before and after!)-long after its ended. Seems a bit sensationalized to me. And counter productive to the goal of getting increased trans acceptance. If someone can explain it to me logically Im open to hearing it.

  • Dixie Rect

    I don’t get it either delta, or what it has to do with the G/L community. I’ve stopped trying to figure it all out.

  • CoolBeansandChili

    I think the reason why focus is put upon a person’s transition is because it reveals the full story about the person. It’s not something you can hide, because there will be people who know about the person pre-transition. Everyone wants their story to be known, and respected as a valid journey through the human experience. That’s why our brothers and sisters who are transgender deserve to walk side-by-side with us. If we’re supposed to champion equality, we must champion the totality of it.

  • litper

    He was a cute boy. Why did he turn into an ugly woman? Sad and stupid.

  • vklortho

    @litper: Should only ugly guys transition then? Why does it even matter to you?

  • Thedrdonna

    @litper: Ok, first, she’s pretty hot. Second, yeah, obviously she should have stayed miserable so you’d have more eye candy. How dare she not take your feelings into account?

  • KDub

    This is definitely part of why folks think our community is made up of a bunch of cray-cray freaks. Lol

  • Manchester

    That was incredibly out of tune and bad.

  • QJ201

    Bad really bad and more “look at me” internet navel gazing.

    I guess HuffPo is now trolling Facebook for “stories”

  • jonjct

    he looks hot in both incarnations.

  • openguy

    @deltabadhand: Nice job trying to make a series of bigoted digs look like a thoughtful comment. You’re the ugly one with the teeth in that smile, bud

  • msfortney

    @Dixie Rect: It’s called, not

  • msfortney

    @jonjct: She is a she.

    I am so sick and tired of seeing these hypocrite L’s and G’s. Ever since you got off the boat of oppression and boarded the yacht of acceptance, you’ve been shitting on everyone else. (some of you)

    Stop for a second and think about the misinformed words coming out of your mouth and/or fingertips.

  • Snapdragon

    @deltabadhand: @ Delta I hear you and I think I can help clear it up for you. I think your confusion is that you’re getting Transgender and Transsexuals mixed up. See those that are HBS diagnosis transsexuals are exactly as you described they merely wish to fix the mismatch between body and mind and go back to their lives. They in fact do everything possible NOT to drawn attention to themselves in an effort to “blend” back into society thats the reason for the surgeries, hormones, hair removal and voice lesson. On the other hand while the transgender person does some of the very same things for them it isn’t to help them blend as much as it is because they are trying to achieve some version of a person they have in their head, most of these people don’t follow the SOC Standards of Care and do as they please when it comes to transition. i.e.: taking internet hormones, going to other countries for surgeries to avoid U.S Laws.

    For Transsexuals their identity as female is inherent since they have a female brain gender and are merely trying to correct their bodies to match, unlike the transgender who’s brain gender is male and is creating a female persona they seek to drawn attention to themselves in an effort to convince people of their femaleness. You often seek them acting outlandish or dressing slutty trying to put forth an over sexy or feminine appearance. I’m sure you’ve see 50 yrs old wearing mini skirts out in public. We’ll there you go hope that helps clear up your confusion and next time you hear or read a Trans story ask yourself is this a transsexual or a transgender look for the clues and I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

  • Thedrdonna

    For the uninitiated, Snapdragon is talking about a certain subset of trans folk who set a lot of store by the clinical diagnosis of being trans, and the idea of conforming to gender stereotypes once transitioned. These trans folk tend to try to exclude other trans folk as not being “really” trans, as they did above. Usually this sort of opinion is present in people who don’t want anything to do with gender nonconformity or trans advocacy. They’re the heteronormative, femme-hating gays of the trans movement.

  • Rockery


    Seriously? If she wants to chronicle her transition she can. People tell their stories all the time, many gay and lesbian people tell their coming out stories and what it was like when they are closeted, people who lost weight tell their story and show their transition as well.

    It’s silly for you to say it’s attention seeking, so I guess according to your logic, no more coming out stories, they’re attention seeking, we’re out now, so shut up about it.

  • litper

    Obviously the main reason of his “transition” is propaganda of heterosexuality and effeminacy which forces gay men to think homosexuality is not normal and changing their gender to become “normal”.

  • deltabadhand

    @Snapdragon: thanks for taking time to patiently break it down for me. It helped alot.

    @Rockery: You make a fair and good point about telling coming out stories, so thanks, even though you were unnecessarily buttheaded in the way you expressed it.

  • Teleny

    I think our transitioning process is a lot like coming out which is something we all do (lgbt), and the manner in which varies. I tend to be one of the transsexuals who is more gender conforming, but there’s a whole spectrum of Transgendered people. In a way like in the gay male, there are leather daddies, twinks, bears, etc. I also think when you are in transition, it’s all consuming and it brings a sense of freedom and validation. Some folks want to share those feelings and others are more private.

    About us as a community-we do share a history. We have long shared social spaces (Oscar Wilde was arrested along with Alfred Taylor, who wore women’s clothing), we are all gender non-conforming (Radclyffe Hall preferred to be called ‘John’). We also share oppressions (Trans folk are thought to be uber gay males or lesbians). And it goes on from there.., I think the connections are often easier to see in smaller communities where we don’t have the ‘luxury’ of segregating ourselves.

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