Is Troye Sivan’s ‘Angel Baby’ the twinkiest music video of all time?

Troye Sivan in 'Angel Baby'
Troye Sivan in ‘Angel Baby’ (Photo: YouTube)

Troye Sivan has a new track out today, and it’s something of a romantic banger. ‘Angel Baby’ finds him dreaming of “A lover to keep me sane, pull me from hell, bring me back again.” It offers possibly his most anthemic chorus since his previous hit, ‘My My My’.

The song hit all major streaming services this morning, while a music video went up on YouTube.

Highlights include Sivan, 26, taking a shower, rubbing his hands over his chest and abdomen, cavorting with another topless man, more shots of his torso, modeling a giant pair of angel wings, and then some more shots of his nipples and abdomen.

And is that a jockstrap we see him wearing? We think it is.

Troye and a friend in the 'Angle Baby' visual
Troye and a friend in the ‘Angle Baby’ visual (Photo: YouTube)

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“Troye really said BOTTOM RIGHTS,” was one well-liked comment on YouTube.

If the video was not enough of a thirst trap, the gay singer teased the release with plenty more flesh on his Instagram.


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