Seriously? Yes, seriously.

Watch Trump supporters say they support Charles Manson visiting White House to discuss safety

This should clear up any lingering doubts about the critical thinking skills of everyday Trump supporters.

Jimmy Kimmel had a field reporter his the mean streets of Los Angeles to ask Trumpians about visitor logs for the new White House to create a video that somehow straddles the line of wildly hilarious and deeply depressing.

In case you haven’t heard, the Trump Administration recently announced it would not to allow any transparency whatsoever into the White House visitor logs, splitting with the decision by President Barack Obama’s administration to make the logs public except in the cases of national security.

In the video, folks are asked bogus questions about White House visitors, like how they felt about Trump meeting with Casey Anthony to discuss child endangerment, whether they believed Trump should meet with Joseph Stalin to talk about Russian relations, or if they supported Trump’s secret meeting with notorious serial killer Charles Manson to discuss how to keep America safe.

Check out the video below…