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Watch these TV hosts casually brush off shirtless guest’s gross homophobia

Guest on British daytime show

This Morning is the British equivalent of The Today Show, and this week they featured an incredibly important segment on *straight *male toplessness.

Let’s be clear about what guest Jamie Richardson was advocating for: the freedom for men (“it doesn’t matter if you’re big, you’re skinny, black white” just not a woman) to take off their shirts in public.

And look — we’re all for showing some skin, but Jamie’s yearning for liberation is awfully… limited.

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Because despite the irony of pushing for his own shirtlessness while disapproving of all people enjoying the same freedom, he also thinks the entire debate is moot so long as “you’ve got transgender people, men marrying men, men going to the same toilet as women.”

Oh boy.

But the surprising part of the segment isn’t Jamie’s tired viewpoint, it’s the way the three other people in the conversation react.

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Hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford had the opportunity to dig in when Jamie let his true colors show, but instead, Langsford fired back with this searing follow-up:

“So Jamie, say you were on a train and you think ‘Oh I’m a bit hot in here,’ and you took your top off and there was somebody sitting there with their children and they said ‘Actually do you mind not doing that’?”

Nailed him, Langsford.

You can watch the entire uninspired thing below, or skip to the 2:30 mark to see the homophobia and transphobia play out:

Needless to say, viewers aren’t thrilled with the segment: