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WATCH: Which TV personality stars in a gay bathhouse promo video?

No longer identifying as asexual, this Celebrity Big Brother alum is finally right for the kind of endorsement that can really catapult a career into A-list territory.

That’s right — Austin Armacost is the new face, chest and booty of Pleasuredrome, a gay bathhouse in London.

Opened in 1996, this Waterloo oasis has all the offerings you’d expect from a metropolitan “men’s club”, including perhaps the first ever celebrity spokesperson.

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In the promo video, Armacost is seen having the full Pleasuredome experience, complete with a soak, a steam, and new friends, of course.

You can watch the mildly work un-friendly video here.

In all honesty, we support anything that destigmatizes sex and encourages people to feel good in their own skin.

And as we learned last year, Austin is comfortable in his own “chubby” (?) body:

Armacost promoted the video on his Instagram: