Party's over

WATCH: Twitter is freaking out over this NYC circuit party in the COVID-19 epicenter

Though details remain sparse, videos originally posted to Instagram have quickly gone viral depicting a group of New York City guys throwing a private circuit party-like house rave. Just blocks away, city hospitals remain overstretched as healthcare heroes battle the coronavirus pandemic on the front lines.

“People are f*cking dying left and right and the gays are having full on house parties on a Monday night in NYC. JAIL,” wrote Twitter user Phillip Henry.

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Here’s the first video Henry re-shared:

The account linked to the original Instagram upload has been deleted.

Several other clips were later uploaded:

“I’m petty, so while they have deleted the entire story, trust and believe in a year I will bring this video right back up via ‘memories’ and tag everyone to remind them why things still haven’t fully recovered. I set a reminder through Siri,” Henry added in another tweet.

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As of May 5, official city data puts the NYC coronavirus cases at 171,723, with 43,383 hospitalized and 13,724 confirmed dead. Another additional 5,383 are suspected to have succumbed to the virus.

Statewide, New York coronavirus cases make up almost 35 percent of the nationwide total, and residents are under strict lockdown guidelines.