WATCH: Two Annas From Bloomington Turn Their Wedding Video Into A Call To Action

Anna Saraceno and Anna Vanderzee got unlawfully married in Bloomington, IN, last summer and decided to turn their wedding video into a submission for the 2012 Bloomington Pride Film Festival’s Shoot-Out competition—which is really a much better use of a wedding video than making friends and relatives sit and re-watch an event they were just at.

The theme at this year’s festival competition was “The Politics of Pride,” so in “Two Annas, One Wedding,” the ladies addressed State Rep. Peggy Welch (D-Bloomington), who voted in favor of a state ban on any legally recognized domestic partnerships.

“I had daydreams of inviting Peggy to the wedding [at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater] and using the marquee to say, ‘Fuck you Peggy Welch!’ says one of the Annas. “But we decided against that.”

That’s okay, girls. We’ll say it for you: Fuck you, Peggy Welch!

Does that count as our wedding present?

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  • MikeE

    hehehe, my husband and I also share a first name… the Reverend who married us was all confused during the wedding rehearsal.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @MikeE: I married a Mike too!

  • MikeE

    @Mike in Asheville: We had actually threatened our families that we would “take each others names”… now THAT would have been truly confusing: Mike A and Mike B become.. Mike B and Mike A!!

  • Stefan

    I know a couple whom both their names are Gary! Surprisingly it’s not confusing among them, just with other people!

  • Morgan

    What a beautiful story! Congratulations to the two Annas. I hope you both have a wonderful life together. The FOB’s speech was gorgeous.

  • mvanderz

    Wonderful video from a marvelous couple! It was a delight and a privilege to attend their ceremony in Bloomington, InDiana Ross 2011.

  • James

    As someone from Indiana, these two Annas are stupid. Peggy Welch, although she lives in Bloomington, does not really represent Bloomington, Matt Pierce- is actually like the Bloomington city Rep (PIERCE is SUPER liberal and voted against the marriage ban), Peggy represents a VERY conservative district, that happens to have a slice of Bloomington in it… Peggy Welch is a conservative Dem, who reps a CONSEVRATIVE 60% Republican district… If gays and lesbians want to be ignorant, go ahead, but she voted for the Democratic leader who kept the ban off the agenda from 2005-2010- and never sponsored or authored it… These lesbians are stupid and ignorant attacking someone who does a good job, and is a team player… Fuck you Annas, you’re the reason Democrats and LGBT’s are hurting in Indiana. This article is so ignorant. Think about the full implications before you support political retardation.

  • Anna

    Thanks for the comment, James. Honestly, we could have done a little more research, and I appreciate you giving the facts. However, I still stand by the “Fuck you” to any politician who votes in favor of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, regardless of the percentage of conservatives they represent.

  • James

    Thanks for deleting my comment- REAL MATURE! I understand your desire to go after conservatives, but there are more real enemies was my point- voting out or directin anger at welch is only going to make things worse- go after nearby senator Brent Steele or waterman- hell, Rep Foley… Peggy welch is not our enemy- republicans are.

  • MikeE

    @James: I’d beg to differ. A Democrat that votes against gay rights is one of the enemy.

  • Me

    @ James…. Well, that is what the Obots, as well as some of the editors here, do. They besmirch anyone that isn’t Obama’s personal enema-bag, and then allow any Obots here to denigrate anyone else in the GLBT community with a different point-of-view — as well as delete anything you respond to regarding their pro-Obot rants. Queerty censors (like Red China) any opinion that doesn’t toe the party line — especially, if they have been flagged a lot by the Obots. Oh, they’ll claim that it was because of using “curse words” (yeah, uh huh, just look how many times Queerty uses the word fuck in their editorials) or because you are assertively defending yourself against one of the many Obot shills here — like the obnoxious Obot-shill poster by the handle of “B”. But what do expect from this site. I’ll give it another six months before it bites the dust again.

  • Anna

    @James – I didn’t delete or flag your comment. If I was going to do that, then I wouldn’t have responded at all. But, after digging a little deeper into Queerty’s policies, I found this:

    I’m guessing it was removed because it fell under “Comment threads are not the place to exhibit grade school playground behavior. That means adherence to simple rules, such as not calling each other names, throwing profanity at other readers, or calling them idiots.” (Although, if Peggy Welch was a Queerty reader, I could probably get kicked off for the video, so who knows)

    If the comment towards Peggy Welch is the message that stood out most to you from the movie, then you’ve missed the point. I’m not sure if anybody here is in a marriage, or any kind of life-long commitment, with a same-sex partner, but one of the reasons we made this film was to show all of the challenges and emotions that come with having a big wedding in a state/country where we can’t actually get a marriage license or enjoy the same treatment that a heterosexual couple would get.

    We’re not trying to speak on behalf of all gay people, nor are we trying to say that everybody else should share the same opinions and emotions that we have. I was using humor (as I think Queerty was too) to shed light on the extreme anger that I (and many people) feel when we hear that local legislators, whether or not they directly represent our exact neighborhoods, are trying to make it so that GLBT people are still treated like second-class citizens.

    If you’re unhappy with how this site is moderated, I recommend finding a new site that doesn’t make you so angry.

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