WATCH: Two Annas From Bloomington Turn Their Wedding Video Into A Call To Action

Anna Saraceno and Anna Vanderzee got unlawfully married in Bloomington, IN, last summer and decided to turn their wedding video into a submission for the 2012 Bloomington Pride Film Festival’s Shoot-Out competition—which is really a much better use of a wedding video than making friends and relatives sit and re-watch an event they were just at.

The theme at this year’s festival competition was “The Politics of Pride,” so in “Two Annas, One Wedding,” the ladies addressed State Rep. Peggy Welch (D-Bloomington), who voted in favor of a state ban on any legally recognized domestic partnerships.

“I had daydreams of inviting Peggy to the wedding [at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater] and using the marquee to say, ‘Fuck you Peggy Welch!’ says one of the Annas. “But we decided against that.”

That’s okay, girls. We’ll say it for you: Fuck you, Peggy Welch!

Does that count as our wedding present?