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Watch Two Antigay Televangelists Defend Their Private Jets

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While recently flying home on his sleek private jet from a religious convention, antigay televangelist Jesse Duplantis was asked by God himself, “Do you like your plane? Do you really like it?”

This prompted Duplantis to have a long, hard think about his use of private jets. Afterwards, he determined that, yes, he does like his plane. Not only that, but he needs it. Because without his private jet, he would have to fly commercial, and that’s simply not conducive to spreading the word of Jesus.

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After sharing his story, Duplantis and his co-host Kenneth Copeland then spent five entire minutes defending their use of private jets (paid for, of course, by their blind followers who send them donations on a daily basis). Private jets, the men feel, are necessary for their line of work because commercial airplanes are merely “long tubes” filled with “a bunch of demons” that are “deadly.”

“The world is in such a shape, we can’t get there without this,” Copeland said. “The mess that the airlines are in today. … That’s why we’re on that airplane. We can talk to God!”

“That’s right,” Duplantis nodded in agreement.

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“We’re in soul business,” Copeland concluded. “We’ve got a dying world around us. We’ve got a dying nation around us. And we can’t even get there on an airplane!”

Watch the video below…