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WATCH: Two college athletes get hot and bothered in the gay sports musical “Good Enough”

Sports fans and musical theater geeks take note! A new gay sports musical is hitting the indie film circuit.

Good Enough is a pop/R&B movie musical written and directed by Mike Spears. It centers around two college seniors, Jamal and Trevor, who must navigate the challenges regarding their different backgrounds, paths, and families on account of their blossoming love.

The film was a finalist at the 2022 Swedish International Film Festival and winner of Best LGBT Film at the 2022 Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival. It is also an official selection at both the 2022 Rhode Island Black Film Festival and Prague International Film Awards.

Watch the trailer for Good Enough below.

While you’re here, check out the music video for “Spell On Me,” performed by the two leads in the film. The soundtrack will be available on streaming platforms soon.

Visit and follow the official Instagram (@GoodEnoughTheMusical) and Facebook accounts to learn more or connect with the filmmakers.

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