WATCH: Two Cute College Boys Get Drunk, Go On Grindr, And Videotape The Results

Trolling Grindr is the ür-gay pastime, whether you’re at home, walking through the gayborhood, partying with your friends or on a date. Two cute BFFs, James and Peter, have done just that with their new YouTube channel, “DrunkGrindr,” which features them getting wasted in front of a camera, swiping around Grindr and posting the video online.

With four videos and more than 10,000 views, these guys have a lively and politically incorrect repartee as they guzzle beers and supposedly seek out boyfriends for each other on the infamous hookup app.  However, employing some amateur body-language interpretation, it seems to us that Peter (the redhead) has something of a crush on James (the brunet).

Perhaps they’re BFFs with benefits?

Source: Kenneth In the 212

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  • Gigi

    These boys are too cute!

  • the other Greg

    Most of it is cute & sexy, but yikes, you coulda warned us about that surprise ending. A Rick Santorum doll, really? Very UNsexy!

  • americanfitch66

    The most boring video i think i’ve ever seen on youtube. Queerty…i know theres better gay news than this. Come on.

  • Mike UK

    3 beers! really!

  • Zack

    I watched their 4 videos. They’re cute and lighthearted.

  • bobo

    i lasted 2:30 of one episode and i was fucken DONE. i was going to write something really mean about how shallow, superficial, apathetic, and boring these two guys are, but i aint got the time, and they are proving that point fine on their own. Queerty, there is a world of rad queer kids making art, music, and literature, who are smart and savvy as hell, but you keep serving us plates of bullshit like this.

  • Axel

    @Mike UK: They can’t handle their booze like us Brits.. ;)

  • Ronnie

    These guys are cute and all, but they broke the Golden Gay Rule: Keep Grindr secret from the straight world!!

  • Robert

    @bobo: on the contrary i think this is a really amusing satire of gay online dating/hook-ups. it’s exploiting some of the more ridiculous and embarrassing aspects of the gay male psyche. or you could just dismiss it as crass and shallow. but that’s up to you.

  • Oh, ok.

    These guys really aren’t cute or funny. Their little “blacks are stupid” bit at the end only highlights the hypocrisy of an increasing number of white gays who are in fact racist.

  • james

    dumb..racist..people like this make me sick

  • Chuck

    Totally would tap Peter. If only because his name is Peter and it reminds me of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Being a ginger helps too. <3

  • kurt_t

    Total crush face at 2:44.

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