WATCH: Two Cute College Boys Get Drunk, Go On Grindr, And Videotape The Results

Trolling Grindr is the ür-gay pastime, whether you’re at home, walking through the gayborhood, partying with your friends or on a date. Two cute BFFs, James and Peter, have done just that with their new YouTube channel, “DrunkGrindr,” which features them getting wasted in front of a camera, swiping around Grindr and posting the video online.

With four videos and more than 10,000 views, these guys have a lively and politically incorrect repartee as they guzzle beers and supposedly seek out boyfriends for each other on the infamous hookup app.  However, employing some amateur body-language interpretation, it seems to us that Peter (the redhead) has something of a crush on James (the brunet).

Perhaps they’re BFFs with benefits?

Source: Kenneth In the 212