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WATCH: Two men dance together on blind date and it’s amazing

Flirty Dancing gay men
Garry (left) and Ryan on Flirty Dancing (Photo: Channel 4)

A video of two men dancing together the first time they meet has gone viral.

Why are they dancing together on a blind date? Well, it sure beats awkward conversation about jobs and family background!

It’s actually a UK reality TV show called Flirty Dancing. The far-fetched concept is to send two disillusioned daters on a date but to first, separately, teach them a choreographed dance routine for two. When they meet, rather than speaking, they dance together.

Yes, we know… who on earth came up with that idea? However, given how nervous some people can be about making conversation, maybe taking the small talk out of the equation isn’t such a weird idea.

It certainly seems to work for Garry and Ryan – with Garry, 33, admitting to the show’s makers that he gets anxious about first date conversations. Meanwhile, Ryan, a 25-year-old wigs assistant, says he’s never had a boyfriend before.

“I have no luck on dating apps,” he said [he’s the taller of the two]. “There was one week where I had four dates planned and I got stood up on every one.”

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The show aired in the UK last Friday and can be watched online in the UK. The dance clip that has gone viral was posted to Twitter by @menamphetamine.

“There’s a blind dating show where the couple are taught a dance separately and they perform it together when they meet for the first time 😭 IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL I’M IN BITS 😭😭😭”

The clip has had 138k likes and over 30,000 retweets at the time of writing. Most of those commenting were very moved by the dance routine and the apparent chemistry between the two men.

Another person to tweet about it is Glee actress, Jane Lynch.

A US version of the show is due to debut in December.

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And what of Garry and Ryan?

If it wasn’t obvious by the looks on their faces, they seemed impressed with one another and committed to going on a second date. Viewers learned at the end of the show:

“The romance didn’t end there for Garry & Ryan. Date number 3 saw Garry get a hole in one of Crazy Golf. And they’re now planning their next adventure together.”

The episode was filmed in June. A Channel 4 spokesperson tells Queerty the men have not gone on a further date since playing Crazy Golf in July but have stayed in touch and have been texting each other constantly over the weekend as the clip has gone viral.

Garry told Queerty: “It’s blown my mind how it’s gone viral and how well it’s been received. I’m so happy that everyone loves it as much as we do.”

Ryan added, “My phone has been going non-stop with people saying how much they love it. Everyone has been so positive with messages of love – it’s wonderful!”

Ryan and Garry (Photo: Channel 4)