WATCH: Two Men Throw Massive Pity Party While Awaiting HIV Test Results

Don’t you hate it when you find an old hookup barebacking on XTube? When hypochondriac Brent Sullivan finds his, he suddenly feels a heaviness in his veins that convinces him he has AIDS. Luckily, his pal Eliot Glazer takes them to get tested and Eliot is sure he himself doesn’t have HIV; after all, he only fucks Ivy League grads. Watch as two neurotic young men turn a simple HIV test into the most harrowing experience of their young adult lives in your new favorite web series, It Gets Betterish.

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  • DJ Veno

    That was funny and interesting to watch. ^^

  • Fitz

    Hated these characters and all about them. Yuck.

  • scribe31

    Sad to say but this was soooo me during my first hiv test. lol. Had a fit during my
    last test too. regular doc took the text, i got the blood instead of the rapid. anyway
    doc called for blood work results, which included other test. he gave me the results for
    everything else but HIV. I freaked! lol. It was a mistake by the doctor. everything cool.

  • Fitz

    If you aren’t mature enough to get a test then you aren’t mature enough to get fucked.

  • scribe31

    @Fitz: must be kewl to live in your world… practice sex sex everytime, never sleep knowingly with drug users or positive partners, even with the safe guards taking the test can be scary and it is stupid for you to believe that people don’t have the right to feel that way. I am very carefully about what I do sexually, but it doesn’t stop that “what if” voice from speaking up from time to time. The purpose of the scene, is to encourage people to work through the fear and get tested anyway. Your comment do nothing to expand the conversation.

  • Fitz

    @scribe31: Did you even read what I said, genius? I’m saying if you can take a dicking, you can take a test. DUH. Of COURSE I have had those anxious moments of wondering. And I am from the generation that had to wait 2 weeks for results. Sex is sex, and people make mistakes. I sure have. But get a damn test! This crappy video glorifies the hysteria about it.

  • scribe31

    @Fitz: The video does not glorify being afraid, just points out that other people have been there too (yourself included). Sometimes it helps to know that other people have gone through the same thing that you have. Any information that gets men to get test I am for and so should you. :) btw…”I’m saying if you can take a dicking, you can take a test” lol taking your lines from T.I. now?

  • Fitz

    @scribe31: Were are going to have to just disagree… I think this video is fear mongering, and not encouraging of rational behavior.
    Also.. loved (snarky eye roll) the 15 year old doctor telling him “That’s no excuse…”

    What’s TI? Seriously?

  • scribe31

    @Fitz: T.I. is a rapper who was posted on this site saying, “if a gay guy can take a dick, he can take a joke (being called fag or whatever)”

  • Fitz

    @scribe31: Ah. Then probably I was referencing him, totally unawares. I do not listen to rap. I am older than dust.
    I do use the phrase “a dicking” pretty often, though.

  • Cody

    I conduct HIV tests… everyone is scared. I think acknowledging that fear is a very real thing would help people. This video does just that!

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