WATCH: Tyler Oakley Schools Straight Twin Twinks In The Ways Of Gay Slang

YouTube vlogger Tyler Oakley gets around: First the SF-based lad scored a fab trip to New York by winning the GayCities 2012 Pride Photo Challenge. Now it looks like he’s terrorizing the straight folks in Merry Old England.

In the clip above, Tyler schools ridonkulously cute UK twins Finn and Jack on some gay slang. (They in turn teach him some handy Britspeak.)

Downton Abbey it’s not but we’re gagging from the cuteness overload.

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  • pierre

    I’m gagging, but it’s not from cuteness. I could only bear a minute of this twink-fest.

  • Aidan8

    Cute. Wouldn’t mind seeing the vid they made with Jack-Tyler-Finn threeway….. ;)

  • matteus

    Finn is so dreamy. :3

  • Eric Auerbach

    What is it with grown men dressing like middle school boys from the 50s and acting like middle school girls from today?

  • Ron Jackson

    Ahh…So sweet. Maybe there is hope for the future. Good fortune to these three boys.

  • Manny.Divine

    Thanks guys, for showing the world that we all live and laugh … you are my hope for a better world.

  • asby11

    he is so annoying

  • queerjubu

    Back in the early 70s, the word was Twinkie, and it was a reference to the Hostess snack (I won’t dignify it by calling it a cake) that was free of any nutritional value and full of cream. You get the metaphor. It was eventually shortened to twink.

    There was a time, during the Dan White trial of the famous “twinkie defense” that the word became even more of a term of denigration.

    To call a young man a twink in my book is an insult. It suggests he’s really cute but empty headed/shallow/dumb but energetically good-natured and really someone to meet only for a quick fuck.

    With that understanding, I wouldn’t want to call anyone I liked a twink.

  • Aidan8

    @queerjubu: Never thought of it that way. I don’t see it as a pejorative term. But I guess it’s all about the person using it. For me it doesn’t carry any of those negative connotations you mention.

  • alterego1980

    @queerjubu: Point well taken. I think we lose a lot of meaning in words from one generation to the next. I think the word has lost much of that harsh meaning nowadays, maybe dumbed down to a look or body type. Either way I don’t think it’s all the great a word and I try not to overuse it. Just curious but that said, do you think you would consider these three in the video twinks? Full disclosure, I really like Tyler Oakley and his message.


    i hope it’s not some remnant of anti-fem prejudice — i really have worked through my issues — BUT… one third of that video was extremely CRINGEABLE.

    …and i feel bad for thinking it.

    oh shit, more therapy.

  • Aidan8

    … as twins go, they are pretty. :)

  • yaoming

    Who are these guys? Are we supposed to know?

  • Eric Auerbach

    @queerjubu: Yeah … I’m pretty sure those nuances would go way over Tyler’s head.

  • Dumdum

    Queens please.Put your tongues back in your mouths and zip up those flys.

  • DrakeScott

    I feel exquisite irony at the fact that, having just watched a purportedly educational video, I now feel more stupid than before.

  • Eric Auerbach

    I’m sure this has been said before, but it bears repeating: This guy is the worst.

  • streeteditions

    At my stage of fossilization, anything under 30 is “twink”. TWINKIES are a food item!
    Not to say that any of these three wouldn’t be, but I’ll refrain out of delicacy. Thanks for the giggles!!! I’m chuffed! But not wankered!

  • offbeatoh86

    Isn’t Jack Bi? He said so in one of their videos?

  • DarkZephyr

    @streeteditions: Don’t call yourself a fossil. Age is just a number. The obsession with youth in the gay community is one of my biggest pet peeves. And the three boys in this video look 12 years old to me, so not attractive at all to me. I *prefer* (though its not etched in stone for me) men between the ages of 26,27ish and 45.

  • Rockery

    Never heard of any other them and once I got to 2 mins that was just about enough, he is annoying. This is about as fun as listening to my friend drone on about his crushes

  • Eric Auerbach

    In other news, is Tyler wearing the American Apparel short sleeve shirt in red-green plaid?

  • BritAus

    (old man voice over)
    In my day twinks were called Chickens. And old men that went after ’em were the Chicken Hawks !!!

    And wasn’t Kiki’ing just being bitchy? Let’s have a Kiki, let’s have a bitch?

  • balehead

    This video is awesome!! Mittens Rommey doesn’t need to hate the gays as long as we have the jealous and self loathing on this site doing it for him!!!

  • randalaw

    If I were forty years younger, I would lose a lot of sleep over these three. They are just adorable. Love their energy and their ready smiles. I hope they are as likable as they seem to be.

  • Dumdum

    I checked out these kids on YouTube. They are adorable!!! Smart,funny,articulate,full of life.Nothing phony pretentious or forced.They seem very optimistic with a great deal of enthusiasm.Tyler puts the fay in Gay and I just pray that he doesn’t end up a bitter jaded queer looking for someone to rip to shreds,and you know who you are.

  • ByronJoeHamzah

    In what world are those twin twinks straight?

  • Dumdum

    @ByronJoeHamzah: In the modern world of today I expect.In my experience with the youth of today the lines between Gay and Straight are a tad more blurred.For instance my sister in law (for lack of better terminology since I am Gay and not legally married to my lover.)her son is a sweet sensitive attractive young man with a beautiful girlfriend.Not a hater,has Gay friends and is very secure in his sexuality.Young people are somewhat more evolved these days.However that’s just my opinion.

  • ByronJoeHamzah

    @Dumdum: Wow, my first reply to my first comment. Have I finally lost my queer-ginity? That’s gay appropriate right?

  • ByronJoeHamzah

    @Dumdum: Wow, the first reply to my first comment. Have I finally lost my queer-ginity? That’s gay appropriate right?

  • Dumdum

    @ByronJoeHamzah: Oh great another cute and cleaver person.Well we certainly don’t get enough of those around here. :)

  • Fausto Fernós

    @pierre: I completely agree. Like much of Tyler Oakley’s work, it’s insipid and smug. Tyler used to be awesome. He was light years ahead of the “It Gets Better” phenomenon, with many young people like him making powerful, interesting coming out videos.

    Now it’s all a bunch of “look how famous I am” crap.

    Instead of making thought provoking videos, giving us an insight into the mind of a naive young gay man, we get garbage like this. Porn without actual nudity. Fucking without actually fucking them.

    There’s something really creepy about their shiny, white, uptight disposition. I much would rather see them cut loose and make a porn video. Live a little! At least then they would be admitting they are media whores.

  • Bascha

    @queerjubu: Twink can definitely be an offensive term, but at the same time it can be used just in a funny, joking manner depending on who is using it and why. If you were with friends and started “categorizing” everyone, any guy who is on the smaller side and isn’t hairy would be considered a twink; there’s no other grouping for those types of people. Bears, otters, jocks, etc. aren’t offensive in any way, really, and it just so happens that twink can be used in an offensive manner. I’m a slim guy with just a bit of hair on my chest, and if one were to look at me I wouldn’t fit into any of the other “gay categories” other than twink. Now this isn’t saying that we should be categorizing everyone and start making assumptions about people based on their appearances and what “category” we think they fit into, but in just a manner of having fun with it, it is what it is.

  • Billysees

    Oh, if I were only young again and the boy with the blue shirt lived in my neighborhood.



    He’d be my special friend in a New York second……….lol……….lol…………

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