WATCH: UFC Fighters Share A “Gay Kiss”

A new gay couple on the horizon?

Probably not, but still, things got close and very personal between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman at the Ultimate Fighting Championship weigh-ins on Friday night—before Weidman knocked out Silva during their fight on Saturday.

See how the two slowly ram up into one another (shirtless), end up mouth to mouth, and who appears to have wanted more action after they split.

After Saturday’s fight, Weidman said of his opponent: “[Silva] was an idol of mine. I didn’t want to mention it in the camp … I looked up to him for many years.”
And when asked about the kiss, Weidman jokingly admitted that Silva had “nice lips” and told his wife not to be jealous.


h/t: GayStarNews


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  • Tackle

    That definitely was NOT a gay kiss. More like using his mouth/lips as if to say, “now what punk”.Besides, two men kissing is not all the time gay. In many cultures it’s common fot two men or two people of the same sex to kiss on the lips.

  • tardis

    @Tackle: Well, considering the American culture in regard to sports and what we think or may not think is gay, to the majority of the people in that audience and on that stage, I’m pretty sure that was their narrow-minded view of gay in the flesh. Way to psyche an opponent out. Everyone on there was in “WTF?” mode!

  • ouragannyc

    I think the two of them were open to the “kiss”. Anderson’s jaw movement is more apparent.

  • balehead

    It’s a kiss to signal the other’s role in the fight (punkass?)…not a gay kiss at all…

  • Mofdgheb

    “I’m Republican. I don’t spend time on my back with another man on top of me.”

    — Chael Sonnen on fighting on the ground

  • hf2hvit

    @MofdghebYeah…he prefers on his stomach

  • litper

    UFC is gay anyway. Remove clothes and you get a hardcore gay porno!

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