WATCH: UK Man Filmed, Arrested For Homophobic Rant On Train

A middle-aged man has been warned by British Transit Police after delivering an expletive-ridden homophobic tirade at two gay men.

According to Pink News, the rant began shortly before midnight on Sunday at the Blackpool North station and continued on board the train, which was heading to Manchester Airport.

“I was kind of cuddled up to my friend Alex because it was cold and I was a little emotional,” said one of the victims, who captured the incident on his phone. “This man then started hurling abuse at us, that we’re not right, that our parents should be ashamed of us and that god made Adam and Eve not gays.”

, who uploaded the clip to YouTube, says the man also barked at them, “If my son was gay I would burn him, you two should be burnt.”

According to authorities, the unnamed man, 56, was arrested on suspicion of a public-order offense. “He received an official police caution for a public order offence and was released from police custody the following afternoon,” said a spokesman for the British Transit Police.