All dolled up

WATCH: This unaired Dan Levy SNL sketch about ‘Man Stain’ is a true gem

While this ultra-sensual Zillow ad from Dan Levy‘s Saturday Night Live debut was a true winner, here’s another must-see sketch featuring the Schitt’s Creek creator that was ultimately cut for time.

The skit skewers over-the-top “men’s” beauty marketing, advertising ‘Skin Ammo by Man Stain’ — a line of makeup products for guys who are “too masculine” to buy makeup. It’s likely referring to a very real and nearly-as-comical brand, “War Paint.”

“I’m sorry, what is Man Stain?” Levy asks.

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“It levels up your mug for peak appearance performance,” responds the narrator.

“So it’s makeup,” Levy reasons.

“Nah dude, makeup is for girls.”