WATCH: Under Steve Grand’s Giant Pecs Lies A Broken Heart In “All-American Boy”

You gotta hand it to Steve Grand — that queen knows what she’s doing. In the  video for “All-American Boy,” (1 point: timing) Grand strips down (2 points: know your audience) and falls for his equally hunky friend* (hey, if it ain’t broke…) only to get his heart broken after misreading the bromoerotic tension between them (3 points: be relatable…if you just ignore the rippling abs).

Though to be fair, his friend’s kind of a tease:


Next thing you know the pants (4 points)…


…and all bets are off…or are they?


Nooooooope. Poor kid.


Oh wait, maybe he is into it!


Sigh, false alarm. But at least dudefriend is a good sport about it.


But fear not, young Steve Grand, there are other fish in the sea, or in your case, lake. We think you’ll be just fine.


*Turns out that equally hunky friend is Taylor from Fratmen, which is apparently having a moment. 5 points! Ding-ding-ding, we have a winner!

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  • joebatch

    I am not much of a country music fan (except for Cline,Parton,Minnie Pearl and Lynn). However I have just become big a fan of this guy. Forget the hotness factor, he has a hell of a lot more going for him than just that. He is a great songwriter and has an amazing voice on him. The video was also very well done. I’ll be keeping a ear for for more from him cause from the sound of this one he has a huge future ahead of him.

  • balehead

    Hopefully the jealous won’t queen out over these hawt guys…

  • miagoodguy

    Cute video and storyline, but his voice just seems mediocre. At least he has his looks going for him

  • Jared MacBride

    When the guy is prettier than his girlfriend it’s always a dead giveaway.

  • MudgeBoy

    I loved this video. It’s a slice of my own life, unfortunately. I went to his web page and I love what he has written: “holding nothing back. time to be brave. time to free my spirit and live my American dream.” I contributed to help him write and produce an album and downloaded the mp3. I wish him all the luck in the world. Seems like a great guy with a lot of talent. Lucky he’s born in an era when he doesn’t have to “pretend,” when he can live in a state where he can marry another “All-American Boy.”

  • Jackhoffsky

    I have to say that, as a Texas boy, this music video brought back a LOT of memories… especially the “how’s he going to react??” moment. I mean, there was no doubt, I had a lot of hot friends… but this video, in it’s simplicity and editing really just…. brought back a lot of scary/tense/good/emotional/hot/worth it times.

  • Charles175

    @Jared MacBride: Your phrase is priceless! LMAO!

  • Darson

    Holy crap that is one hot boy!!

  • bearcub666

    Not into country at all but this song is so sweet and sad. I really like it.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Yeah, the video is a beefcake buffet…but the song repeated twice while I was FBing all my “family” and hip-het friends who enjoy all forms of good music to tell them about Steve Grand. This song is SOLID….even without the video.

  • LadyL

    Sweet. Don’t worry, babe–you’ll find your All-American Boy. Or he’ll definitely find you.

  • litper

    He’s so beautiful!

  • miagoodguy

    Pining over a straight guy. Very cliche.

  • mito718

    UNF what a Hot Video and Real life experience for many !!!! Steve Grand I am a fan Love the Song and everything about the message :-)

  • balehead

    So We’re allowed to say “queen” but Alex Baldwin isn’t?…. watch all the hypocrites come out with their “learned speech” on this one….

  • Milk

    I just want to know the name of the straight bf so i can google his porn past. Anyone?

  • Alan down in Florida

    He has such beautiful eyes he should be banned from wearing sunglasses (though he does look fine in those).

  • jvp3299

    @Milk: you will only find him at as Taylor. Mostly solo stuff. He did a few gay vids on the site. Don’t know if you can find them, though, because the site doesn’t offer all of the past vids.

  • queerclick

    @Milk: The role of the straight boyfriend was played by Fratmen’s Taylor. If you’d like to find out more, we have the full story here including links to his Fratmen works:

  • Kevin B

    Call me crazy, but this doesn’t sound much like any country music I’ve heard lately. It’s pretty standard piano pop. Which is fine, I like piano pop, I just don’t get why this is being sold as country. Dude doesn’t even have a twang.

  • ny10019

    This is the reason I don’t read “queer” websites. As a gay man…I don’t relate to calling each another man “She” or, even in jest, referring to him as “that queen”.
    To me it takes away from the accolades HE should be getting for writing such raw, stripped down lyrics. The video is beautiful and captures the emotion he was trying to convey.

    It just saddens me that as many strides as we make in society, there’s always going to be these self effacing comments made by our own community. Just my 2 cents

  • ny10019

    oops, not each another man.. that was “each other” or “another man”… looks like I juxtaposed them.. my bad :) No more vodka tonight.

  • UCLADaddio

    What a beautiful song .. beautiful voice … beautiful boy … dont you worry Steve … you will find your All American boy !! I cannot stop listening to this song … knowing the story behind it makes it all the more beautiful …what a voice .. but i agree .. why is this considered a country song ? regardless of what it is … it is absolutely beautiful !!

  • Jack E. Jett

    @ny10019: ny…..great point and one I have wondered for many years. And it still throws me for a loop to hear a guy referred to as she.

  • Nicaan1

    For the young guns out there who want to have just that one night (because that’s usually all there is), fret not. If you’re willing to wait and drop everything you’re doing when he’s ready to satisfy HIS curiosity, it does eventually happen. You just have to wait for HIM to make the first move, you can’t force him if he isn’t mentally ready. Every time I’ve had this happen, I’ve usually gotten over the crush but I’m not about to miss the chance when it arises. Just saying, sometimes it may take years. The “straighter” he tells himself he is the longer it may take for him to cum around. For me, it’s definitely worth the wait.

  • Derek Williams

    Fantastic that this is going well.

  • chip_in_ga

    Really loved the song and the video and the message. This is typical Country, unrequited love. I ask you if Taylor Swift is considered country, why wouldn’t Steve be? Hope this starts playing on all the juke boxes in gay clubs all over the country.

  • chip_in_ga

    Really loved the song and the video and the message. This is typical Country, unrequited love. I ask you if Taylor Swift is considered country, why wouldn’t Steve be? Hope this starts playing on all the jute boxes in gay clubs all over the country.

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