WATCH: Up, Up And Away With “Super-Heroes Can’t Be Gay”

Channeling a little bit of the Lonely Island boys, Norwegian comedy sensation Kollektivet has launched a new music video that, in the words of producer Aleksander Herresthal “ironize” how comic books don’t have enough gay role models.

What do you think: Is it fierce like Wolverine or lame like Aquaman?

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  • Red Assault

    It’s vaguely homophobic.

    More “gay people are all obsessed with cock 24/7” weirdness.

    And then the kid telling them that being gay is “gross.”

    And then the kid and his fat father threatening them and chasing then, presumably to attack them.

    Not sure what it is about this that seems like “a lot of effort for very little funny,” but it’s hard to figure out what exactly is being said here. Watching this video is a bit like when that secretly-homophobic boyfriend of your sister keeps making gay jokes around you.

  • R

    This is fierce like Wolverine! Or Batman!

  • Dr. Dick

    Fierce like Rogue, but a little cheesy like Scarlet Witch, ya know?

  • Hephaestion

    They couldn’t find any gay superheroes that had been to a gym?

  • andy_d

    @Hephaestion: Shame he couldn’t find some that were OLDER.

  • Dick Grayson



  • fanboi

    This is fierce like The Midnighter!

  • Gay Bacon

    Bring back Rage from QAF!

  • Ian

    This song is quite outdated. The marvel superhero Northstar came out in 1992, that’s like a bagullion years ago. Since then Marvel has slowly introduced a slew of gay characters. One notable character is Piotr Rasputin (Colossus), granted it’s from an alternative Marvel universe, but still.

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