WATCH: Victory in Delaware & Rhode Island

Another week, another round of victories for the freedom to marry! This time it’s Rhode Island and Delaware, where most of the hard work is finally done and we’re just a few procedural steps away from the freedom to marry.

So, what’s next? Marriage is quickly spreading across the entire northeast, and Pennsylvania is a logical next step. There’s a civil unions bill working its way through the legislature there.

Across the country, Nevada’s in the midst of the long, slow process of repealing its constitutional marriage ban. It’s going to take years to undo that one, but we’re making definitely progress.

Meanwhile, it’s time to celebrate in Colorado, where civil unions start on Wednesday. Pop into the Office of the Clerk in Denver at midnight for the festivities.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    Things are really beginning to take shape for same-sex marriage. Not only has the hard work of the GLBT community been tremendous in bring us this far, but we cannot forget the arrogance and bigotry of the religious right and NOM for their hard work in assisting us in our winning full support. Kudos to all!!

  • FStratford

    I only give money to AFER.

  • erikwm

    With Pennsylvania Republicans controlling the General Assembly, State Senate, and Governorship, that civil unions bill is going nowhere anytime soon. PA is not a realistic prospect at this time.


    It`s NOT! just the religious right! it is the mentally ill FUCKING CHRISTIAN. The USA is in a deep shit if we won`t find some final solution call “the extermination of all Christian”. AdamHomo

  • Dakotahgeo

    @DOFEK: You really do have a very small choir here. You don’t deserve, nor would you understand, an intelligent response. Move on!

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