WATCH: Video Emerges Of Romney Bashing Gay Families

Last week, we reported how in 2005 Mitt Romney revealed to an audience at the Spartanburg County Republican Party in South Carolina that—gasp!—gay couples were marrying and having kids.

“Some gays are actually having children born to them. It’s not right on paper. It’s not right in fact. Every child has a right to a mother and father.’’

It was nauseating enough to read his comments, but now a video of his address has gone viral. Hope you have a strong constitution.

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  • 2eo

    It must be noted that were they not afraid of castigation Romney, Ryan et al would be calling for everyone in the gay community to be sequestered into concentration camps.

    The sad thing about it all is that a few years ago this would be ridiculous hyperbole and playing the victim card, sadly in 2012 it is a very real, potent threat. You may wonder why I take such interest in what is happening in the US, the reason is simply because our government is the lapdog of yours and monkey see monkey do.

  • Chas

    Governor Romney wanted to let Detroit go bankrupt (his editorial, not mine).

    Mr Romney wanted to let home foreclosures hit bottom (his words, not mine).

    He says we can’t afford FEMA and we should turn it over to the states. (his words, not mine)……..

    The Governor is a very dangerous man. Certainly the wrong type of leader for these precarious times.

  • Justin Crawford


  • LaTeesha

    Who is the mother of his grandchild? The wife who gave the egg or the woman who acted as the surrogate? Which mother does that grandchild have a right to?

  • Katbox

    …and yet there are STILL some homos out there that are more than willing to vote this moron into office.

  • altwosheds

    Very interesting video, but maybe next time you quote someone in an article, or at least a video description, you should use the whole quote. What’s printed isn’t what’s sad in the video. Just saying.

  • Freddie27

    Where’s BJ and Avenger? Here’s your guy: aren’t you proud of him?

  • joebaltimore

    This phony is unbelievable. He “loves” Big Trees, he “loves” Teachers, he “loves” Jeeps, he “loves” his Money. But, he hates the fact of children being raised by a same-sex couple. One would presume that he loves orphanages and foster care homes more. Please dump this guy and get a Human!

  • iBLOW

    Every child has the right to loving parents 1 or 2 gay straight whatever you can still have a mother and a father and still have a shitty life my cousin is proof his father was so dumb with their finances and now their homeless and his mom is working 2 jobs to keep them in a cheap motel. But my mom is doing terrible by herself with her good job nice car nice house and gay son

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