WATCH: Violinist Shows World How To Deal With Annoying Ringtone Interruptions

From Hugh Jackman chewing out a bozo during a 2008 performance of A Steady Rain to New York Philharmonic conductor Alan Gilbert stopping the orchestra in the middle of Mahler’s Ninth Symphony just this month, every performer has his or her own way of reacting to inconsiderate asshats who don’t turn off their phones before a performance.

Classically trained violinist violist Lukáš Kmit—who was performing at a synagogue in Slovakia last summer—responded in a way that’s both effective and humorous. Check out the clip above and tell us if you agree.

For a more, um, boisterous reaction to inconsiderate audience members we present Patti Lupone, who infamously lost her shit during a 2009 performance of Gypsy, after some dumb fool decided to snap photos during the show. His funeral.

After you hear the audio of Patti’s rant below, check out this reenactment by high-schooler Spencer. If he’s not family, he does a good impression.




Source: Forbes.com

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  • strafe

    he’s a violist, not a violinist

  • Jim Hlavac

    Got to love the sarcastic genius playing the tune of the phone eh?

  • Tessie Tura

    Actually, the ringtone is a piece for classical guitar, a Gran Vals by Francesco Tarrega. The score can be downloaded for free at imslp.org

  • the crustybastard

    Yes, Patti — it’s outrageous that someone might disrupt a performance to indulge themselves.

    She and Mandy Patinkin are currently touring. Mandy — caught in a similarly divaesque fit of pique during their Kansas City performance — complained about some light emitting from somewhere in the audience. He made a big stink and the woman explained that the light was emitted by…

    her wheelchair.

    His without-a-trace-of-irony response? “You’re lucky you’re handicapped.” Followed by immediate backpedaling.

    Look, we ALL get interrupted at work by assholes. We’re professionals, so we deal with it.

    You’re an actor, so act like it doesn’t bother you, and give people the show they paid for.

  • randy

    I’m with the performers on this on. Rip them out for not silencing their phones. They are reminded at the beginning of each performance to silence their cell phones, and then they hear everyone else turning off theirs. And then they don’t do it! If you are that selfish or indulgent, you get whatever bile is hurled your way. It’s offensive not just to the performers but to the rest of us as well.

    I pay money to see a show, and I don’t want it ruined by some idiot who can’t turn off their phone.

  • Joe in Savannah

    I love Kathy Griffin’s take on the issue of taking pictures. When I went to see her when she came to Savannah, she said that basically, its a tough economy, and we had to pay good money to come and see her, so take as many pictures as we damn well pleased.

  • MikeE

    @Joe in Savannah: that’s all very nice, but have you ever tried to stay concentrated on your musical instrument, on the tiny dots and lines on the page, and perform a demanding work of art, while some moron is giving you flashbulb blindness?

    Kathy may like having pictures taken, but she’s a comedian. She COULD, theoretically, do her routine blind.

    I’m actually pretty certain that Kathy Griffin would object strenuously if she had enough flashbulbs going off in her eyes.

    As for cellphones: I demand a return of the death penalty, to be applied on the spot to the self-important assholes who believe they are above common courtesy.

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