WATCH: Violinist Shows World How To Deal With Annoying Ringtone Interruptions

From Hugh Jackman chewing out a bozo during a 2008 performance of A Steady Rain to New York Philharmonic conductor Alan Gilbert stopping the orchestra in the middle of Mahler’s Ninth Symphony just this month, every performer has his or her own way of reacting to inconsiderate asshats who don’t turn off their phones before a performance.

Classically trained violinist violist Lukáš Kmit—who was performing at a synagogue in Slovakia last summer—responded in a way that’s both effective and humorous. Check out the clip above and tell us if you agree.

For a more, um, boisterous reaction to inconsiderate audience members we present Patti Lupone, who infamously lost her shit during a 2009 performance of Gypsy, after some dumb fool decided to snap photos during the show. His funeral.

After you hear the audio of Patti’s rant below, check out this reenactment by high-schooler Spencer. If he’s not family, he does a good impression.




Source: Forbes.com