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WATCH: Wait, Matty Healy sucked his fan’s WHAT at his latest concert?!

Matty Healy sucks a fan's thumb at a concert.
Screenshot via @likemfyoungthug on Twitter

The 1975’s lead singer Matty Healy has been terrorizing audiences all throughout their tour, much to fans’ delight. He’s been eating raw meat on stage, getting frisky with himself during instrumental breaks, and even making out with fans mid-song.

The latest stop in his enthralling path saw him engaging the front row in an even more intimate way. What’s more intimate than making out on stage in front of thousands, you ask?

How about sucking a stranger’s thumb in front of thousands?:

Kayleigh, the fan in question, went on to confirm the worst — this moment came after he’d already eaten the raw meat that night.

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A good dozen or so close-up angles of the moment are living on social media, each with every possible reaction you can think of attached to them.

The entire gamut of human emotion is contained within these replies:

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Okay, a lot of it was disgust, but some of the girls want it BAD bad.

And why not? It seems to be working out for Kayleigh just fine. She just got a dedicated spot on BBC Radio 1 for a breaking firsthand account of the whirlwind moment.

Greg James got to the bottom of things:

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