WATCH: Want To Take A Warm Bath With Cazwell?

Here’s a welcome antidote to those freezing temps on the east coast: “Hellen Keller,” the latest video from Cazwell, features the out rapper luxuriating in a hot tub naked except for tons of bling (gold doesn’t rust, yo).

In a press release Cazwell explained the song’s odd title, which references the late iconic author/activist who inspired the famed play and film The Miracle Worker, saying a term the rapper made up for when a person ex-communicates someone from his or her life.

“If I ‘Helen Keller’ you it’s another way to say, you’re dead to me,” the rapper revealed about the song which features additional vocals from drag superstar Manila Luzon. “If I go out and you’re at the same club, I can’t be bothered.

“In gay club culture, we create our own slang,” he added. “One thing I’ve heard the kids say for a long time now is ‘I don’t see her’ which usually means you’re not feeling someone’s look. I always loved that line so I wanted to incorporate it in the song.”