WATCH: Want To Take A Warm Bath With Cazwell?

Here’s a welcome antidote to those freezing temps on the east coast: “Hellen Keller,” the latest video from Cazwell, features the out rapper luxuriating in a hot tub naked except for tons of bling (gold doesn’t rust, yo).

In a press release Cazwell explained the song’s odd title, which references the late iconic author/activist who inspired the famed play and film The Miracle Worker, saying a term the rapper made up for when a person ex-communicates someone from his or her life.

“If I ‘Helen Keller’ you it’s another way to say, you’re dead to me,” the rapper revealed about the song which features additional vocals from drag superstar Manila Luzon. “If I go out and you’re at the same club, I can’t be bothered.

“In gay club culture, we create our own slang,” he added. “One thing I’ve heard the kids say for a long time now is ‘I don’t see her’ which usually means you’re not feeling someone’s look. I always loved that line so I wanted to incorporate it in the song.”

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  • Kamuriie

    Painfully bad.

  • Stache1

    Wow. This is the kind of music you just want to blast your car stereos out with and the windows down for everyone within 10 city blocks to hear :=)

  • Louis

    Total narcissist.

  • oilburner

    cazwell looks musty

  • Kangol

    His “rapping” makes Macklemore’s sound like KRS-1 or Eric B and Rakim.

    He should hang it up and just do…something else.

  • Scribe38

    No one kicks a gay man like a bitter, angry, sad gay man.

  • Ttrotski

    When will male gay culture evolve beyond coming up with the trendy dis, throw off the misogynistic mantle of drag (BTW: forced upon us by a hetero/male dominated society where our oppressors dealt better with us in or out of bed if they saw us as female and weaker)and trying to bridge the chasm between popular media and porn? Oh! Oh! Oh! I know!!!! When the gay media stops emulating straight media! You use “queer” in your name, but there is nothing queer about you: change the photos to photos of women and it could be MAXIM or get rid of anything expressly “gay” and it’s TIGER BEAT. Slightly more than half the gay population in the US does not live in the major population centers (SF,LA,NYC,CHI,etc…) and thanks to AIDS treatment and prevention they’re getting older. We couldn’t care less about that party in Provincetown or who stripped down to nothing or who your editorial staff thinks should be America’s Next Twink Model. In other words, your gay agenda is ridiculously narrow especially when it comes to relevant content, places and (sadly)age. Troy Lynch age 50 Cincinnati,Ohio

  • CaptainFabulous

    @Ttrotski: Off your meds again Troy?

  • sejjo

    @Scribe38: I know, right!?

  • Ttrotski

    @CaptainFabulous: Thanks for that wry and ironic response demonstrating my first point! I am baffled as to how quips like that have replaced meaningful dialogue or how there can be so many gay, world class musicians whose genres are virtually ignored by Queerty but every time Cazwell releases a song and video he gets press as if all we care about is dance or hip-hop music. Don’t get me wrong, I get the irony of a gay artist, who’s not a lesbian, working in a milieu that generally vilifies us but I’m not so sure he does and to paraphrase John Lennon “Do we really need any more balls slapping chin songs?”
    Classical,jazz,country western;instrumental,vocal,experimental;live, studio; virtually all have gay performers,composers and producers, where is the coverage? Do we have to create a rave culture around all manner of music before Queerty deems it interesting enough to cover?
    I could go on in turn about the age thing and the attitude toward the central regions of the country,that are not Chicago, but I’ll spare you. I don’t do this often, but when I do it just comes out (I’m a double water sign with a fire moon) and I hope sincerely I haven’t offended anyone.

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