WATCH: Warning! Naked Highway’s New Video May Cause Seizures

We would not recommend watching the video for Naked Highway‘s new song, “Pop It Drop It” while operating heaving machinery. Seriously—the retro-style DIY clip (which they claim is inspired by Neneh Cherry’s “Buffalo Stance” video) has the kind of kaleidoscopic distortions, strobe effects, New Wave outfits and jigsaw-puzzle disolves that can cause serious acid flashbacks (or so we’re told).

The New York-based pansexual glam-rock collective, led by queer front man Sy Boccari, has had previous clips pop up on Logo, VH1, SpikeTV and MTV2, and has completed remixes for Grace Jones, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, The Presets, and The Kiki Twins. If you want to hear remixes of “Pop It Drop It” without risking bodily harm, the song is available on iTunes and the Naked Highway website.