WATCH: Warriors Come Out And Play In Tranarchy’s Vogue-Brawl Teaser

Feast your bewigged eyeballs on this masterpiece of queer grindhouse-nouveau! It’s a trailer for the second-annual Vogue Brawl at Manchester Pride (August 17-27) and it features an astounding array of beards, hairspray, greaser kings and roller-skating. Oh, and a hamburger necklace. The whole Warriors-meets-Paris-is-Burning mess is the brainchild of Tranarchy, ” a drag/party/performance/music collective of trannies and show-offs; switchblade sisters ready to make over Manchester,” at least according to their Facebook page.

Our favorite detail is that one of the participating drag houses is called “House of America,” which seems to be a sort of insane hybridization of patriot-baseball-hockey-trucker. Oh yes!

Get us on a plane to Manchester right this second.