WATCH: Washington Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Teaches The Children…To Hate

Marriage equality opponents in Washington are a reeeeeaaaaal piece of…work. Their latest ad use voiceovers by children (of the corn) as well as terms like “deceptive ads” and “discrimination,” yet surprisingly they’re not talking about themselves.

Suddenly, they’re the victims, they’re the ones being discriminated against and we’re just a bunch of whiners who “get the same benefits” anyway and are trying our damndest to destroy society.

Well, guess the jig’s up.

This election is almost over but before then, putrid crap like this, disguising itself as a public service, will continue to be hammered into our collective minds. Luckily Bill and Melinda Gates threw a cool half million towards shutting them up, but if you want to donate, you can do so here at Washington United for Marriage.