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WATCH: We Will Buy A Car So This Guy Can Wash It

We took Spanish in high school so we weren’t sure what this French ad was selling when we first watched it.

A quick look at tells us a few things:

1. It has no apparent relation to Vogue magazine.

2. They sell ready-to-wear clothing for the whole…family (?)

3. Almost all the models on their website appear to be of North African descent.

If any Queerty readers are French or just parle francais, feel free to give us more details. In the meantime, we are going to watch the above video over and over again to see if we can glean any information.

In slo-mo, if need be.

Video via Mr Male Model


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  • MikeE

    L’île de La Réunion is a French protectorate.
    This is a chain of fashion stores on that island.

  • Frank

    C’ est très chaud!!

  • Sebastian

    Vogue est heureux d’offrir à toutes les femmes 20 secondes d’un homme en calçon vogue. faitres vous plaisir Vogue

    Transaltion: Vogue is happy to offer for all women, 20 seconds of a man in underwear Vogue……..Make yourself happy Vogue

    It’s a ready to wear (Prêt à porter) in l’île de la Réunion

  • Sebastian

    oops that should read faites vous plaisir and not faitres vous plaisir!

  • steve

    Not even that guy would make me buy a Mini

  • Michael

    Don’t want the car give me him and Ill be more then happy :D

  • phallus

    @Sebastian, Vous etes tres drole! Transaltion :)

  • laurie

    this was too funny


  • Sebastian

    @phallus, I missed that error! je suis mort de rire! ;-)

  • Frank

    @laurie: of course not…most of Americans are monolingual and too puritanical

  • Labinot Ajeti

    shum mir paske dal

  • Red Meat

    That guy was definitively hot, not sure why anyone would want to buy the car though.

  • nineinchnail

    Mini is far to small, Id get a Range Rover as they take longer to wash!!!

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