WATCH: Wedding Video Captures First Same-Sex Ceremony At Legendary Plaza Hotel

Filmmaker Jon Armendariz spoke with Out magazine about documenting the first same-sex wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York. (The video for Jason and Todd’s sumptuous ceremony, above, first went viral in February.)

“I really wanted to highlight this family’s joy of finally making it official,” says Armendariz. “I particularly wanted to highlight the reaction of Jason’s son during the ceremony, which was particularly moving. The sight of a little boy crying tears of joy during the wedding vows is possibly the most visceral reaction I’ve seen in any wedding film.”

Oh lord, here come the waterworks.

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  • yaoming

    OMG – Best wedding ever!

  • jajagabor

    Ugh, I suppose I’m happy to see any two people make a commitment like that, but given that same-sex marriage is something most immediately benefiting the wealthy (and overwhelmingly white) in the LGBT community, I have some discomfort with such an ostentatious display of wealth and privilege.

    I know, I know, this is just one video. But what does it say about our priorities as a “community” when same-sex marriage is the issue that gets us all riled up and happy, but there are poor LGBT and queers of color with a lot more on their minds than marriage equality, like socioeconomic and racial disparities? And are they are not worthy of our attention or support?

    I’m sorry to rain on the parade, but these are the things that we as a community are horrible at discussing and that sites like Queerty and the like, should be bringing up.

    Again, I’m happy for them and don’t point my judgment or criticism toward the couple.

  • Dionte

    Should have been labeled NSFW, I can’t be sitting here crying.

  • Fidelio

    @jajagabor: I consider this such an important video and wedding ceremony. What is revealing in this video is the love and commitment these two men have for one another and illustrates, powerfully, the importance of marriage equality, to say nothing about the children, who are often the victims of discriminatory laws.

    There is no shame in enjoying this wonderful, artistic video, presumably about a well-to-do couple, without abandoning your convictions about the advocacy for underprivileged LGBT youth.

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