Off The Grind

Watch What Happens During A Day Without Grindr

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For many gays, a Grindr outage is a catastrophe on par with a tsunami or Paris Is Burning being removed from Netflix streaming, but it may not be all bad to go without Grindr for a little while.

L.A.-based sketch comedy duo and YouTubers Cool Kid Adjacent have come up with a clever, effective, and non-preachy vid that encourages gays to look up from their phones and get into the variety of hot guys that ripe for the picking in the real world.

And hot guys abound in the video, from our three gays forced into the real world via a Grindr outage to the smokin’ bros who just happen to be wandering around their WeHo neighborhood in tank tops and short shorts.

Watch the video below. It’s well worth the 4:15 investment. If it makes you think twice about Grinding and you meet the guy of your dreams in the real world, tell him Queerty and Cool Kid Adjacent sent you.