WATCH: What If Cheers Added A Flaming Queen Instead Of Woody Harrelson?

We never cared much for Cheers after Shelly Long left. It just seemed so…deflated. And let’s face it, Kirstie Alley ain’t funny when she’s a skinny bitch. But this remix from Kirby Conn and Jonathan Smith, which sees a sassy gay ho digitally inserted into an episode as Rebecca’s old high-school flame (pun intended), definitely floats our boat.

If it floats yours, check out their revamp of an episode of The Brady Bunch below. Next on the agenda: The Cosby Show!


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  • Mark

    Wow! Talk about terrible! These seem like nothing more than a hipster using racist black stereotypes mixed queer tropes. It’s just not funny.

  • Charles Rosenheimer

    Excuse me, as a very pro-woman straight male, with absolutely no desire to run my hands up and down a handsome man’s legs, I don’t think the word “bitch” is necessary, I think we can denounce a woman’s skinniness (which is just as sexist as calling her a “bitch”) without calling her a “bitch.” My mother might be a “bitch” but I’d never call her that to her face (because I’m afraid of her) and I’d certainly never use the word “bitch” to insult any women at all, even if I say it in my mind. Thank you very much.

  • Chip

    They put an awful lot of work into this to end up not very funny.

  • Adam

    That started out stupid and then I couldn’t help laughing by the end.

  • Sistercylon

    @Mark, I agree wholeheartedly. Assuming these guys are gay, it’s one thing to play on stereotypes that you sort of have a claim to (i.e. being queer and prancing around like a high-camp sissy), but it’s quite another to throw around words like “nigga.” I’m not sure how that aspect of this character came about. Is he a white guy playing a black character? I almost hope so because I KNOW he didn’t just throw that in there without thinking about it. To be fair, “cracker” was used as well, and perhaps this is about self-loathing, but it’s on a side of the fence that the actor might actually know something about having lived as a perceived cracker (his words not mine). The filmakers clearly spent some time on this; they composited video, dubbed in voices, mixed audio, probably even wrote a script. So at what point did it seem like a good idea to as good as use the full-blown N-word? Of course there are several racial, queer, and gendered epithets thrown around here, but on my side of the fence, the N-word just ain’t cool.

  • NateB79

    This is terrible in oh so many ways.

  • jp

    I was initially amused by the re-imagining of cheers, a show i had watched as a young fag of color with my mom.

    But IT IS SO FUC%ED UP for a stupid, racist white man with clearly no analysis to say “[email protected]@er”. record it and then try and become famous because of it, getting away with it because of his queer identity.

    I’m incredibly disappointed with Queerty’s posting of this without including this fact in their description.

  • jonjon1968

    The reason it isn’t funny is because the character just rattles off a series of unrelated vulgarities. He doesn’t even come across particularly gay at times. So why the bad drag?? It makes no sense. Replacing Rebecca’s love interest with a swishy Jack MacFarland type would have been funnier and cuter. By the way, I always liked Kirstie Alley better than Shelly Long. Diana was annoying to me. Rebecca was gorgeous but a complete loser and that was comedic gold. The best scenes were her breaking down into self-pitying hysterical sobs.

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