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  • Arek

    A potentially hilarious concept, executed terribly. Did they forget to actually write jokes?

  • Rachel

    Funny idea, but needs more funny

  • divkid

    “what if your iphone acted like your fierce bbf?”

    what, you mean like spent most of it’s time looking for porn; stalking trade on facebook; an over-inflated sense of it’s own worth; it’s only source of power being via it’s bottom.
    — nope, can’t imagine that.

  • Trent Abroad

    While it could have been developed a bit more, I still find this entertaining and funny!

  • ot

    Fun! Keep ’em comin’. I’d love ta see more.

    Why’s everyone such an f’n bitchy critic? Someone takes the time to entertain your ass for FREE and all you can do is say “more funny!” and “write jokes”. Please! Just because you have a computer doesn’t make you a critic. Keep up the good work Jerby. Be encouraged!

  • Arek

    Well I AM a professional comedy writer, so I think I have a little license to be a critic…

  • John Raymond Barker

    Thank you for your thoughts. It did make me wonder what the video would have been like in a different direction. But to be honest, this tone and length is exactly what I wanted. I would be thrilled to see what others would do with this concept. I’m sure there are many great ways this could have been done. :)

  • John Raymond Barker

    @Arek I would sincerely enjoy seeing your work if you care to post a link. Or email me.

  • Arek

    I’m a sketch comedy and series writer, so none of my stuff is online. Sorry :-/

    I can be more constructive with my feedback now that I know you’re here. As I said, it’s a great concept, but I think you should have gone much farther with the tone of the responses. The best one is “tell them I sent you, bitch” as it’s the most unexpected. Some of the other jokes become a bit repetitive and, thus, a bit predictable. 

    Sorry if I was a dick ;) I’m just passionate about comedy.

  • isis

    seems like most haters who comments here are actually closet homosexuals who act manly and thinks that this is again is another stereotypical thingy LOOOLLL i hate straight acting gays…well not all lol

  • Garry Mark

    This is difficult for me to understand what we talking about on this post

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