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WATCH: What Willam Belli Would Do If He Was A Lady Down ‘There’

What happens when trans actor-singer Willam Belli — who you saw in Ticked Off Trannies With Knives — consumes the lyrics of Travie Mccoy’s “Billionaire” and turns them into an anthem for boys who wish they were girls down there? This masterpiece from director Michael Serrato. “The Vagina Song” includes child-friendly lyrics like, “Turn my dick into a slip-n-slide / I swear / The world better prepare / For when I’m a lady there.”

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  • Susanna

    Well it certainly does get attention and it’s fun.
    However- the topic of a sex change is huge and all issues cannot possible be addressed by one song or video.
    First – I have to comment that not all trans-women are straight. And having srs is not exactly a party- but a life changing decision made by those who feel that they really are in the wrong body.Srs is the icing on the cake so to speak- you live as the opposite sex, dress as the opposite sex, get counseling, go on hormones- it’s not exactly an overnight deal.
    I love the fun spirit and happy music. But again- not all trans women are quite as flamboyant. It really is a serious topic delivered in a flippant manner. And since it will probably offend the wingnuts- I think I like it!

  • Willam


  • biguy

    She should get some implants before getting snipped

  • Robert

    I love this song. It’s a-dickting. LMAO

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