WATCH: Whitney Houston Plays Jordin Sparks’ Forlorn Ex-Star Mom In Sparkle Trailer

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The trailer for Sparkle, a remake of an 80s film starring the posthumous Whitney Houston as Jordin Sparks’ ex-singer mother, premiered this morning on the Today show. It’s unclear if Whitney will sing any songs or perform in the film; all the trailer gives away is a scene where she’s watching an old video of herself performing on television.

While Whitney looks good in the film, you can hear some of her real-life pain in the scratchiness of her voice and shakiness of her mannerisms. I think that this role is so true-to-life for her—in that many critics lamented that her recent comeback was not strong enough because she’d damaged her voice and body with drugs and alcohol for too many years.

Let us know if you’re looking forward to Sparkle‘s release in August in the comments.