WATCH: Whitney Houston Plays Jordin Sparks’ Forlorn Ex-Star Mom In Sparkle Trailer

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The trailer for Sparkle, a remake of an 80s film starring the posthumous Whitney Houston as Jordin Sparks’ ex-singer mother, premiered this morning on the Today show. It’s unclear if Whitney will sing any songs or perform in the film; all the trailer gives away is a scene where she’s watching an old video of herself performing on television.

While Whitney looks good in the film, you can hear some of her real-life pain in the scratchiness of her voice and shakiness of her mannerisms. I think that this role is so true-to-life for her—in that many critics lamented that her recent comeback was not strong enough because she’d damaged her voice and body with drugs and alcohol for too many years.

Let us know if you’re looking forward to Sparkle‘s release in August in the comments.

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  • DouggSeven

    Not on my list of ‘must see movies’ due to a plotline I’ve seen way too many times. I can see younger generations who are not as exposed to the genre enjoying it – and possibly learning a needed lesson from it, mainly from how and why Whitney passed. It’s hard to believe she made herself so untouchable that in 20 years of her struggle, no one could get through to her. I have seen people with a lot less, successfully overcome addiction issues.

  • robbald77

    Sparkle actually came out in 1978.

  • robbald77

    My bad. 1976.

  • Joe

    She looks like crap. Pass.

  • asa1973

    @DouggSeven: Yeah, because fortune and fame are the cure for addiction. We should all learn a lesson from Whitney Houston as she was the first super celebrity to ever succumb to her demons. Judgmental much??

  • Paul

    @asa1973: What’s so judgemental about Dougg’s comments? He’s absolutely right. It *is* sad and hard to believe with all those resources, that she couldn’t do anything?

  • asa1973

    I [email protected]Paul: I am not excusing how she lived her life. She is ultimately responsible, and she paid the ultimate price. I just get really upset when people believe that the amount of resources should be enough for someone to conquer addiction. It is more about the will and ability of the human being rather than the resources, which is why so many people (regardless of what/who they have to assist them, can recover.

    Perhaps I was reading judgment into that statement. It is sad. Absolutely. Hard to believe? Not so much. Whitney Houston was not even close to the first celebrity who has died in this fashion. I just wish people would stop discounting what she did give us in her short time just to focus on her troubles….

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