WATCH: Why Downton Abbey’s Thomas Really Needs To Get Laid

Thomas-downtonPoor Thomas. He’s the prototypical “evil queen,” mean and conniving, although his tender side does shine through from time to time. It’s hard to know exactly how to feel about the guy, other than not so good.

Imagine if he lived in a different time. A time when gay men could shack up and hug and kiss and whatnot without fear of reprisal. Well, there’d hardly be any drama to his story if that were the case, so his oppression certainly makes for good TV.

But a simple love interest or even lay humanize him. No more frustration, no more secrecy. He might just be a well-balanced, likable human being. Will the producers of Downton Abbey allow him to find love? The greatness of the show is the tension between the conservatism of the era and the liberation in wind. Why not Thomas, too?

See Thomas’s dilemma, a gay man born before his time in tonight in Downton Abbey on PBS Masterpiece.

If only Kemal Pamuk had received his advances more warmly, he might not have wound up disgracing poor Mary.

If only he’d gotten a little tail on the front lines, he might not have been so violently eager to go home.

At the Servant’s Ball, when he danced with the Dowager Countess, if only they could have whispered giggling gossip into each others’ ears about their mutual love for anal.

And then of course there’s James. Oh, what could have been.

That a couple they would have made. Can we hope for more love on the horizon for Thomas? Here’s Rob James-Collier giving us a taste of what to look forward to.