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WATCH: Why Pastor David Weekley Came Out to His Church as Transgender


After spending 27 years leading a ministry in Portland, Pastor David Weekley told his United Methodist Church congregation his big secret: he’s transgender. Weekley, who had gender reassignment surgery, says his FTM status wasn’t actually a secret, but just part of his private life. Well, it’s no longer either.

Weekley’s story is a remarkable one. Inside a church that’s not exactly in love with LGBTs (they don’t explicitly ban transgender folks from joining the clergy, but gays are prohibited, and gay weddings are a no no), Weekley explains to The Early Show why he still belongs: “I’m not happy with that part of the church, but I’ve chosen over the years to stay within it, hoping to work for positive change about those kinds of things.”

But what we’re most curious about is what’s on the minds of the partners of transgender men and women. David’s wife Deborah explains things this way: David is awesome, and that’s all there is to it. Deborah? You sound pretty awesome too.

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