WATCH: Will Glow-In-The-Dark LOL Cats Cure AIDS?

We’re all desperate for an end to the AIDS pandemic, but the latest breathrough in the search for a cure sounds like its out of a bad science-fiction movie: Scientists at the Mayo Clinic claim they can pass along a protective gene that fights Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)—essentially the feline version of AIDS—by splicing cells from a monkey that resists the disease—along with jellyfish protein that make it glow in the dark— into a feline embryo. 

What’s the jellyfish nightcap for? It lets researchers know the transfer worked: If kitty glows in the dark, we have a winner! Right now the Mayo Clinic reports that in their initial findings, the cats with the protective genes are doing well—and producing offspring with the same genes.

We knew we were cat people for a good reason.

Video via ABC 7