WATCH: And Britney “Scream And Shout” In Autotuned Harmony

Black Eyed Peas frontman and a British robot that looks an awful lot like Britney Spears star in the video for “Scream and Shout,” the first single from Mr.’s upcoming solo album, #willpower. The song’s shit and the video makes absolutely no sense (flaming disco balls?, mounted human heads?,’s solo career?) but Brit Brit looks stunnsies so we’ll take it. It’s nice to see her “giving” again:

Keep up the good werq, Ms. Spears.

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  • Boytoy

    I don’t like it.

  • timmah82

    F**K she looks good! i don’t care if the song is shit and the video doesn’t make sense, there is a ferocity in Ms. Spears that we’ve been missing. Werk!

  • tiger7985

    i love the song and video…she looks flawless

  • Brian

    The whole thing sounds like an AutoTuned chainsaw. Is the music industry still trying to sell Britney as a singer when all she really does is mime?


    long live the queen…nice to see britney too.

    britney channeling a teutonic accent, deliberately, i think.

    lol at the product placement in this video.

  • Jared Suzume

    @timmah82: Riiight, If she comes back I’m definitely a fan. No questions asked =. lol

  • zenny

    So if this was a nikki manaj song everyone here would be calling her a talentless black B*tch, but since this is lilly white britney this is a hit?

  • Jonathonz

    She sure does clean up good! Lindsey Lohan should take note.

  • Jared Suzume

    @zenny: No actually i live For Nicki Minaj and To me there is no Black Girl doing it bigger as of 2012 and i will support her till i D-I-E

  • 2eo

    @zenny: Oooo can we get some Chris Brown fans on here as well, I haven’t had any death threats for a while.

    I know I shouldn’t draw their ire, it feels like smashing toddlers in the head with a cricket bat but sometimes it is good for a laugh.

    Also yes, I am drawing a literal comparison between fans of Minaj and fans of Brown.

  • hf2hvit

    @zenny: Nikki Manaj is BLACK??? I thought she was from URANUS!

  • Mjl-428

    I liked Will.I.Am when he and the Black Eyed Peas put out music BEFORE the E.N.D. a lot more than I like this. Actually, I don’t like this at all. Even the B.E.Ps last album was better than this and that wasn’t really that good. just something to dance to.

    And Britney looked and sounded like you could replace her with one of the contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race and no one would know the difference. She made no impact on this song whatsoever.

    If anyone is mad at my comment, remember it is just my opinion, like yours. None of us get paid to Review music last time I checked. And secondly, if Nicki Minaj were on this, I’d still say the same thing. the only difference between he and Britney is that she’d be all over the place and wearing extremely outlandish costumes and carnival wigs.

  • zenny

    @2eo: Trash music is trash music in my opinion. But because trash music is put out by someone that can’t sing, doesn’t dance anymore and is bat sh*t insane and is white all teh gheys are all over it. then a black woman does it and all these people call her names (check the other posts), seems more than a little racist.

    Honestly this song sounds just like the latest mimi imfurst music video, but with a lot more lip syncing!


    @timmah82: You and Britney Spears, suffers from “MENTAL POVERTY” Its should be Scream And FUCK!.

  • Bascha

    The song is stupid, but you have to admit it’s a great song for blasting in a club, which is I’m sure exactly what he was going for.

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