WATCH: Will Jonathan Groff And Russell Tovey Hook Up In “Looking?”

The sexual tension between characters played by Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey in HBO’s new series Looking (we’ve seen a few episodes and it’s terrific) is enough to knock us off the love seat. The premium cable network has just released a new and longer trailer (above) for the dramedy and it’ll undoubtedly have gay viewers marking their calendars for the January 19 premiere.

Groff appealingly plays Patrick, one of a trio of friends (the others are Frankie Alvarez, and Murray Bartlett) trying to navigate the challenging gay dating pool in San Francisco, who develops a “will-they-or-won’t-they” relationship with his supervisor (British heartthrob Tovey — don’t you just wanna tug on those ears?).

“I asked out my boss while straddling a torpedo,” Groff laments to a friend.

Looking‘s relatable characters, believable dialogue and often-awkward situations (Andrew Haigh, director of the hit gay romance Weekend, is a behind-the-scenes talent) combine to create what is surely one of the most authentic representations of queer life yet depicted on the small screen.