WATCH: WIll Wilke, “Missionary’s Position,” Promote The World’s Largest Underwear Party

Super-promoter Daniel Nardicio sent us a sneak preview of “The Missionary’s Position,” his new collaboration with stellar photographer Marco Ovando that features Big Brother‘s Will Wikle, porn star Jake Andrews and three models in a sleazy Jersey hotel.

The clip is a promo for Nardicio’s November 21 party at Rebel in New York, where he’s hoping to attract 1,000 guys in their briefs for the World’s Largest Underwear Party. “I wanted to created a story with these visuals,” said Nardicio. “When Will called me asking if he could give me sexy Mormon realness, I was exalted. Mormons have been on my mind a lot, as Romney was still running for President, and missionaries have always held an allure for me.”

Thanks Daniel—we’re sure Mitt appreciates the shout out now that he’s got a lot of time on his hands.