WATCH: Willam Belli, Drew Droege, Michelle Visage Spoof “Downton Abbey,” Confirm Nobody Is Still Watching

willam-snoreFinally, there is a group of people publicly admitting that nobody watched (or watches…is it still on?) BBC’s Downton Abbey. Gone are the days of laughing with friends and pretending like you know anything about the notoriously uneventful British drama to avoid glaring stares from across the table. No longer will you ever have to feel left out, because according to Funny or Die, your friends are the only people still watching.

FoD wrangled up what seems like every hilarious gay on Earth for a Downton Abbey spoof, Snore, set to the beat of Madonna‘s “Vogue.” Starring Willam Belli, Michelle Visage, Drew Droege, Vicki Vox, Johnny McGovern and more, the spoof embodies much of what you’ll see on the real Downton Abbey: a whole lot of snoring, sitting, standing, more snoring, and a finished product that’ll leave you wondering what the hell just happened.


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