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WATCH: Willam Belli Throws A Roller Rink Party In New Video For “RuPaulogize”

Former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants, Willam Belli and Sharon Needles, team up for “RuPaulogize.” Willam finally turned the term, which she coined in the season 4 finale, into a new song that remakes One Republic’s “Apologize.”

The real fun is the music video. Willam, Sharon, Pandora, Alaska and Raja channel Jessica Simpson and her gal pals, Christina Applegate, Eva Longoria and Christina Millian (remember her?), in the video for “Public Affair.” Of course it’s hardly the PG affair that Simpson’s video was thanks to roller boys, Mario Diaz and Chad Sanders (see below).


[GIFs: Keithers]