WATCH: Willam, Detox And Vicky Vox Praise Pillow-Biters In “Boy Is A Bottom”

We love it when Drag Race contestants collaborate outside the show: It makes us feel like, when the cameras are off they’re all just friends—y’know braiding each others’ weaves and talking about boys.

Above, Season 4 bad girl Willam teams up with Season 5 newbie Detox and L.A. queen Vicki Vox for  “Boy is a Bottom,” sung to the tune of Alicia Key’s “Girl on Fire.”

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  • Thom in MD

    I saw this on Facebook yesterday. LOVED IT!!!

  • fagburn

    I saw this two days ago.
    I come on Queerty to find about stuff I didn’t know about…

  • Fitz

    Willam is a real entertainer. Love watching William!

  • hamoboy

    Entertaining, but also irritating. Why is it such a scandal for someone to be a bottom? Why is it considered inferior to topping? Even if the singers don’t themselves think this way, they’re definitely using jokes that are predicated on the idea that there are masculine bottoms out there trying to pretend they’re tops. What give? I thought that drag queens were supposed to lampoon and explode gender stereotypes, not cement them.

  • Bozen

    @hamoboy: You sound like a bottom..!!

  • hamoboy

    @Bozen: No, actually I find bottoming incredibly painful, and only top. But what I do sound like is someone that doesn’t buy into the masculinity worshipping bullshit that’s only a few steps above homophobia.

  • Shanestud

    I found their Chick Fil-A video to be very clever, creative, well shot and effective. “Boy Is A Bottom” is crude, vulgar, loud and irritating. But what do I know? Their next video may be “Find Me An Uncut Latino” and some gays will declare it an anthem worthy of a Grammy. These drag queens are not about music but shock treatment.

  • Bozen

    @hamoboy: Well I AM one and all you old pop pops need to l-i-g-h-t-e-n up. It’s just another blip on the pop-culture sphere. I find it funny, playful and most of all, gay. Not a thesis paper on the demerits of a sexual position. It’s their job to entertaint and entertaint they have.

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