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WATCH: Woman becomes overnight sensation after singing Gaga song on subway

Charlotte Awbery

A British woman has become a viral sensation after appearing to be ambushed by a vlogger on the subway and asked to sing a Lady Gaga song.

The vlogger is Kevin Freshwater. His latest video finds him walking up to members of the public, giving them a line of lyrics, and asking them to sing the rest.

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In the clip, he approaches a woman in a London Underground station and gives her a line. Little Monsters will recognize it as coming from the Gaga song, “Shallow”, from the movie A Star Is Born.

The woman also recognizes it and tentatively sings the next line. When Freshwater remarks that she’s good and urges her to continue, she lets rip with the chorus. Watch below.

The woman concedes that she is a professional singer. Freshwater includes a link to her Instagram on his own Instagram posting. Her name is Charlotte Awbery, she lives in Essex, and going by her Instagram, she performs a lot at weddings and other private functions.

A tweet sharing the video has now had over 1million likes in less than two days and almost a quarter of a million retweets.

Awbery’s Instagram account has shot up from around 5,000 to 143,000 followers.

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On Twitter, the clip has prompted thousands of comments and praise. Some love her voice.

Others noted her style.

You can watch Freshwater’s full video, in which he approaches several members of the public, below.

Queerty has contacted Awbery for further comment.

If you want any more convincing of Awbery’s talent, here’s a 2016 video of her covering Sia’s “Chandelier.”