WATCH: Woman punches anti-gay protester in the face at Irish Pride parade

via Twitter

A woman in the city of Cookstown, Northern Ireland faces criminal charges after punching an anti-LGBTQ protester in the face during a Pride parade on September 19.

Video of the incident went viral on Twitter following the incident. In the footage, an unidentified woman approaches protester Gerry McGeough, 63. McGeough, a former member of the IRA, had come to the parade to protest the “homosexual agenda.” McGeough has a history of weapons trafficking in the nation, and has served time in prison.

The footage in question shows McGeough standing alonside a group of other men holding a statuette of the Virgin Mary. The group can be heard reciting prayers in the video as well. The unidentifed woman walks up to McGeough, says something, and punches him square in the face.

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Metro Weekly reports that police arrested the woman and charged her with common assault.

Meanwhile, Mid Ulster Pride, the group behind the march, issued a statement saying it was “very sorry” the incident had happened.

“We had made it clear from the beginning that we remain peaceful and don’t engage with protesters,” Mid Ulster Pride health and well-being officer, Molly Farrell, told The Irish News. “I don’t imagine it was anybody who was part of the parade.”

McGeough, for his part, criticized the march for “promoting and glorifying the sin of soddomy.” He further asserted he did nothing wrong.

“We were not protesting, we were simply praying a peaceful rosary when all of a sudden I was assaulted,” he said.

It remains unclear at the time of this writing if the woman involved in the incident could face prison time for her actions.