Watch: Wonderful University of Texas Homosexuals Make Out For The Evangelist

What do you do when you find a homophobic evangelical preacher exercising his First Amendment rights at the University of Texas-Austin campus? Well if you’re friends Brett and Ben, you grab a camera and “show them how fun sinning can be.” It seems to have gotten some attention: “We got lots of approval from the crowd, and even ran into people a few blocks away who told us that we were awesome.” And now the whole Internet!

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  • NY152

    “Even kissing in a French way”…………this guy needs a JOB! Kudos for those two facing hatred square in the face. That was awesome!

    Oh and if we’re all going to “hell” for being gay then can someone please get me front row seats? See you there!!!

  • Archstar

    I love my university!

  • Shannon1981

    You go boys! And that preacher was just ridiculous.

  • Eric Phelan

    Oh you boys, I did that in San Antonio with 2 other couples. That was such a great day. I felt like I was punching the guy in the face. And it was a nice feeling.

  • justiceontherocks

    Love it. Rev. Phelps should get this same treatment.

  • codyj

    Congrads to those 2 bois, and what a PERFECT EXAMPLE of the relig right…that j-o- says it all, what a nutcase…gee, i see his sandwhich sign says somethin bout ‘us’ frying in hell?, i do so HOPE they use olive oil, that hydrogenated trans fat stuff aint too healthy for yah.

  • kayla

    That was hilarious!! Look everybody!! Get out your cameras, here are two homos, homosexuals kissing! It looks like to me, they’re even kissing in the French Way!!!!!!That guy’s a real comedian, someone needs to book him some shows!!! He could actually take this act on the road……

  • McMike

    Mr. Evangelical seemed awfully entranced.

  • hf2hvit

    Maybe, instead of French kissing, we should call it FREEDOM kissing.

  • ummm

    that has to be a SXSW viral video of some sort. that preacher is totally eugene levy!!

  • kayla

    @ummm: Oh my gosh, I kept asking myself, whose that guy from American Pie, Best In Show (hilarious), and A Mighty Wind….? But I was just too lazy to google….I’m already multi-tasking!!! And then you showed up and saved the day!! He’s freaking Eugene Levy!!! He even dresses the way Levy dresses in all his whacked out roles!!! Merci beaucoup!

  • kayla

    –edit– who’s*

  • adman

    Homo-Shessshuals kissing! In a French way! New internet meme, thanks epic FAIL preacher!

  • ~R~

    OMG!!! That preacher comes up to my campus in Bloomington, IN as well. He’s a fool. Love what they did. BTW, the precher’s wife is a loon as well… and so is his daughter.

  • Harbo

    I went to UTA and I’m so fucking proud of Brett and Ben. The school has loosened up a lot. That never happened in my day there – 20 years ago – but if it had I like to think I’d have been involved. What an inspiration these two guys are. The preacher looked a bit jealous.

  • JKB


  • M

    A Must Watch VIDEO for gay marriage!!!

  • JFH

    @~R~: You’re right! I though that was the guy crazy guy from behind Woodburn. Looks like he’s retreated to a warmer University.

  • chpinnlr

    Well that was fun to watch for so many reasons! Not the least of which was the two cuties kissing! Great Job Brett & Ben!!!

  • Paul

    If there is anyone in that video committing a sin, it is the evangelical preacher for wearing that god-awful outfit.

  • Lakilester

    That was full of WIN. Kissing in a French way!! Oh my!!

  • Ted from Cali

    This guy is not an actor, really! He was on the Cal State Chico campus (where I go to school) last September, or early October. He had about 4 other guys with him. He looked the same, even had the same stupid cross-stick. And a dumb black fedora type hat. I argued with him for about an hour, and won. Because I actually study the bible. He’s one of those ‘ministries’ that goes around to various colleges to ‘evengerrrlizze’. Total douchebag.

  • Steveo

    That guy was here at Purdue with his wife and daughter last fall. There was a huge crowd of gays and lesbians arguing with them. It was pretty amazing. I felt really sorry for his daughter who is brainwashed into all of this.

  • Silver

    Brother Jed has made his way to the University of Florida, too. I had a long, acrimonious conversation with his wife in 2007. Truly the most unpleasant woman I’ve ever met.

  • Beth Gibbons

    Brother Jed has appeared at the University of Minneso-tah Twin Cities campus and I could not help but feel remorse for his daughter who didn’t seem to enjoy travelling with her father.

  • Eric

    Aaah Brother Jed. I kinda miss him.

  • Mike in London UK

    Way To Go !

    For “Raising the (metaphorical) finger to that hate merchant”, those two deserve some serious positive public recognition.

  • e

    oh no not the french way!!!!! never that!!! -__-

  • Blake J

    It is sad that there are so many people with such worthless lives (or at least they feel their lives do not mean enough) that this what they have chosen to do with their time!

    Whether you follow religion or not, you should know that you only get judged based on your own actions, so the fact that there are homosexuals that do not deny themselves has no baring on whether you get into heaven or not.

    So they should mind their own fucking business!

  • Jacob Woods

    That was hot!!! OW! An act of bravery!!!

  • Jason

    I saw someone above mentioned Brother Jed. You can’t forget about his sidekick Sister Cindy. The rumor was that U of F would invite them in to do their thing during dead week before finals to provide some entertainment around the libraries. Don’t know if that was true but it was definitely entertaining as they came across as the school jesters while calling everyone in site fornicators.

  • drewa24

    YEA! Next time they should 69 in front of Brother(Jed)Cletus, hopefully he will explode; what a waste of redneck cum.

  • rodrigo

    Gays: 1
    Evangelical Nutcases: 0

    Now those boys have some balls!

  • Jake

    Brother Jed used to be at the University of Missouri. Even the straight hot frat boys used to call him out for his shit. Glad my generation is far more tolerant

  • Mykey

    Kissing in a French way! LOL! Just your typical evangelical nut!

  • Jack

    @kayla: I totally noted the same thing when he used to come to my campus. He does look like Eugene Levy’s doppelganger…

  • Jake

    @Mykey: haha Loved it!!!

  • jckfmsincty

    Did Mr. Christian get an erection?

  • Ogre Magi

    We should do this to christians more often!

  • Jacob Woods

    @Ogre Magi: Ha Ha why doesn’t eating shrimp offend anyone!!! It should if we really do interpret it that way. Someone should profit off from prosecuting those who eat shrimp. I think that is more creative than oppressing gays and lesbians. It clearly isn’t working here.


    I just stand there and argue with him. The guys have a much better approach. We need to circle the idiot with a group of kissers!

  • Rhys

    OMG this is the same guy that was at LSU when I went to college 10 years ago! He was there with his wife and kids. He claimed every guy that masturbated was gay because they had sex with themselves, and they are their own gender. I got some applause when I pointed at all the other guys and told him if all those frat boys were gay I’d have a lot easier time getting a date on Saturday night. ;)

  • Ted from Cali

    Jed!!! That was his name!!! Ha! Thanks guys! I had totally forgotten it! I didn’t see his wife, but he talked about how he met her. Something like he was a-preachin’ one day, and she was the feminist-abortionist-fornicator- journalist on campus, and they talked and she had a magical change of heart. And they’ve been a-preachin’ and a-copulating da child’n ever since. Total nut.
    One day we’ll find dear Brotha Jed with a rentboy, helping him lift his luggage.

  • Campbell

    Too adorable. I love that the preacher was looking for back up to support his hate. Things have changed since the 70’s I guess…
    (BTW- I was just thinking about how creepy it is when some old guy hangs out on campus).

  • Mike

    Our friend Jed was escorted from the UT campus by the campus police department shortly thereafter.

  • FlameoftheWest

    Very funny video.

  • dwmusic

    I think these evangelical ‘Christian’ hate preachers are the worst possible advertisement for their partilcular extremist sects. Imagine being sentenced to spend eternal life with them. Most sane people would be checking out of Heaven asap if that’s the sort of people they’re going to be stuck with for all time. Who wouldn’t rather spend time in ‘the other place’ with their gay-supportive families and friends? I know I would!

    There are more than 34,000 denominations of Christianity on the planet, so you can easily find a religion to suit your prejudices, and your budget. Go Google it and you will find out. Many nowadays ordain openly lesbian and gay clergy, and warmly welcome LGBT parishioners into their congregations with open hearts, open arms and open minds, clearly not something that sandwich board loony has been blessed with.

    But in our war against unreasoning hate, they’re kinda doing us a favour, because they remind us that “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance”.

  • J.Starr

    you girls do realize that by kissing in front of the rev guy you are shoving homosexuality down his throat right? Stop getting excited I didn’t say anything about shoving something down your throat.
    The rev doing a protest is shoving religion down your throat.
    so by kissing you are actually doing the same thing he’s doing.
    you’re actually lowering yourself to his level of idiocy by forcing your beliefs on him, which is exactly what he’s doing to you. So really you haven’t accomplished anything by doing what you did.
    Do you get it yet?
    oh and try this on boys, you’ll love it

  • Derek Williams


    Not at all , this was retaliation, the ‘reverend’ made the first move, and it was someone’s duty to respond, and they did, with love, as a foil to his hate.

  • B

    No. 50 · J.Starr wrote, “you girls do realize that by kissing in front of the rev guy you are shoving homosexuality down his throat right?”

    Homosexuality was not shoved down the rev’s throat, which would require inserting a male tongue or penis into his mouth! Seriously, though, if a guy had kissed his girlfriend in the presence of the rev, would that mean heterosexuality was being shoved down his throat? I’m pointing it out because of the obvious double standard.

  • Brian Miller


    Nope, once someone jumps up in the private square to become a public figure (as the “reverend” did), then he loses his claim that someone else is “forcing beliefs on him.”

  • Jaroslaw

    Where does this guy get his money to do all this traveling? I would think the money for plane tickets, or gas and motel rooms would be better spent on, oh, I don’t know – feeding the hungry? Helping other poor people pay utility bills?

    Sorry to chime in so late – Kissing the French Way? Is watching that worse than watching 1000 murders a year on TV or whatever that huge average number is that people see?

  • Marlene

    Good ol’ Brother Jed Smock!!

    I remember him about ten years ago at Bowling Green State University here in Ohio (which he’s visited twice a year for decades!).

    As I was walking up, he had just sat down and one of his little acolytes was preaching that evolution was a lie and that the earth was only tens of thousands of years old. This was red meat to this unrepentant NASA nut!

    As I began to shred the boy’s myths by asking him if the Earth was as old as he claimed, how could the Apollo astronauts bring back rock from the Moon which were *billions* of years old? Why haven’t scientists found human bones at the same geologic level as the dinosaurs, and why have they found older, human-like ancestors?

    Well, ol’ Jed couldn’t stand for that, so he rear out of his chair and roared at me, “You’re a MAAAAAAN, aren’t you?”

    He then tried to berate and embarrass me, even claiming that I went to the womens’ restroom to hear them pee! I couldn’t believe that one!

    Suffice it to say, a ripped ol’ Jed a new one, telling him that there’s nothing he could say that would make me feel ashamed, and a few other choice words that ended up getting me an ovation from the students!

    Sadly, Jed and his family are just like Phreddy and his cult. Self-appointed moralists and bigots.

  • thematics

    Hmmmm. Great idea! Why don’t HRC & GLAAD arrange “kiss ins” — that’s an effective form of activism!

  • Marlene

    First of all, Thematics, HRC doesn’t do anything that doesn’t involve circuit parties at DC events. Don’t look at Gay, Inc. to do anything “radical” like this!

    The Task Force I bet would assist, but the best group who would eagerly engage in this type of action would be GetEqual!

  • J.Starr

    @Derek Williams:
    That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Retaliation only leads to more retaliation. It’s a vicious cycle. why would you want to continue it further by retaliating. Be the bigger gay man. That’s the real definition of Love. It’s that truly acheives tolerance and understanding. Don’t spread hatred and bigotry. Don’t u want to coexist with the non-homos? I’m not gay and I wanna get along with u guys. I would expect an open minded liberal like ur self to understand this.

  • J.Starr

    @Brian Miller:
    How exactly does he lose that claim?
    This is a public forum. If we r playing by your rules than that would mean u lose that privalige as well wouldn’t it?
    He wasn’t making the claim I was.

  • Derek Williams


    You missed my point. Love is the ultimate retaliation for Hate. What you are now doing is Preaching to me, however you are preaching to the converted.

    Having said all that feel-good stuff, let me add that I believe there are times when a soft response is seen as weakness. It sure as hell did not achieve anythIng with Adolf Hitler. People who do not understand love, or gay love just laugh at this approach. Different situations sometimes call for different strategies.

  • Jeffree

    @J.Starr: Retaliation? Nope, it’s called protest and that’s how civil rights have been gained many times. It’s not illegal for two men or two women to kiss in public in the US. No punches were thrown. No laws got broken. No one got hurt.

    If you want to debate the topic, I suggest you do some serious thinking beforehand, because so far nothing you’ve said is persuasive. You’re still pretending to be “okay with the gays” but in reality you’re still think “ICK” when you think of 2 dudes having a little snog.
    Get over it.

  • Jaroslaw

    #59 J Starr – “forcing your beliefs” on someone is engaging them when they are walking down the street and you just start talking to them. Extreme example – you would hold them and make them listen. Or non-physically – you own a company and you require the employees to listen to your brand of religion for 20 minutes each morning. Get the idea? The “reverend” invited a debate by making a statement by holding his poster – negative statements generally do that.

    PS you never did answer why guys kissing is “retaliation” but a straight couple would presumably not be.

  • justiceontherocks

    @J.Starr: I don’t love this Bible thumper. And I don’t care what he thinks, though I respect his right to think it. What I do care about is people respecting my basic civil rights.

    Why do the Xians always come on here and scold gay people about not loving. Start respecting me and then we can talk about “loving.”

  • Ernest B.

    An anagram of ‘evangelist’ is ‘evils agent’. As regards all such preacher men(?) of this guy’s ilk: The anagram speaks for itself.

  • Gabi

    LOL that preacher made such a fool of himself!!

  • Marlene

    It’s easy to make Jed look like a fool, Gabi because he makes it so *easy*!

    Here’s hoping more and more students organize more kiss-ins wherever Jed and his entourage show up!

  • Joetx

    I am a UT alumnus. Although this “Christian” assclown wasn’t there during my tenure at UT (’93-’97), there was ALWAYS at least 1, oftentimes 2, such “Christian” assclowns at that very same spot condemning people they “knew” to be sinners.

    Those were the days!

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