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WATCH: Won’t You Show Ryan James Yezak Your ‘Peacock’?

Hot off his “California Gays” flick (see almost 3 million times), Ryan James Yezak returns with Katy Perry’s “Peacock,” which she insists is her gay anthem — though it takes a video like this to secure its status.

Though it’s a fitting description, because you’ll notice with each successive video, Mr. Yezak tests the limits of YouTube’s tolerance for man-on-man sex. As it stands, we’ve now got gents in bed and straddling each other in Speedos. Showing off their pea…cocks.

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  • David

    Except for the spoken word section, I thought it was really good. Nicely done. This guy has ambitions it’s clear.

  • EdWoody

    Just a shame the song is such an abomination.

  • Chipsy

    Surely that should be “Ryan James Yezak tests the limits of YouTube’s tolerance for femme-on-femme sex” ?

  • Riony


    That doesn’t even begin to cover it, almost the whole damn album is a fail. Even the overly-flamboyant, semi-attractive men (Who would look much better if they removed the hideous makeup.) don’t save this song.

    At least it’s obvious they put a good amount of work into it, kudos to them.

  • Anthony

    “Surely that should be “Ryan James Yezak tests the limits of YouTube’s tolerance for femme-on-femme sex”, says the guy named, “Chipsy”. lol.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Okay, so this song is EXACTLY what they were making fun of in “Get Him to the Greek” as sung by Russell Brand’s character’s wife. The fact that his actual wife, or wife-to-be, or whatever-the-hell-this-talentless-opportunist-is, is putting out a song such as this, that is dumb beyond words, is simply wretched. It’s not meta. It’s not campy. It is garden variety terrible. So what are we to make of a bunch of hairless orange gays doing their own version of the song without a hint of irony or camp? This is what we’ve come to? For fuck’s sake.

  • Frank

    Can’t win em’ all, Ryan… This vid seems rushed. Fail.

  • sam

    as much as i loved the california gurls one this one just… fell flat. Probably the song more than anything.
    Some of the guys were amazing but others were a bit eep.

  • Sacramento


  • TheInsider

    This is just… AWFUL.

  • Jorge

    What’s with the stoic faces? Is it supposed to be not ironic?

  • Ian

    Wow, her “music” is just, really, REALLY, God-awful.

  • jamison

    @Ian: i’m gonna make the call that the 6 or so comments above this are from a random hater.

    This video is awesome!!!

  • Michael

    Fingernails on a chalkboard, or this song. Tough call.

  • alex

    Jesus, i thought the video was fun, he experimented a little bit more with the moving images, and at least three of the guys in there were adorable. I understand the twink fatigue but they’re just young kids having fun.

    Let’s see the muscle boys take the time and effort to pull off a series of youtube videos which put a smile on millions of gay viewers’ faces. Not xtube, youtube…


  • Aaron in Honolulu

    The whole video just seems self-indulgent. .

  • Jamie


    I liked Ryan James Yezak’s “California gays” video a lot. It was fun and lighthearted. In contrast, this video is WAYY too self-indulgent. It’s just too over the top.

    While “California gays” makes a statement of “we’re just a bunch of gay guys from California having fun”, the guys in this music video seem to just be making fools of themselves.

    Also, is there a reason why almost every guy in this video is a White and anorexic? They didn’t want to include more non-White gay guys, or guys with an average body? Videos like this perpetuate the stereotype that being a gay man means you have to be White, live at the gym, and diet like a woman.

    Seriously, forget about making more videos. I want to take all of these guys out to have some burgers and fries (and make sure they actually eat everything).

  • Matt

    @Jamie: anorexic? really?

    your comments perpetuate the stereotype of the bitter queen.

  • J.

    I thought the video was really good. They clearly put a lot of effort into it (hello! they got a real live peacock! that isn’t easy to do!)

    The song itself… leaves something to be desired.

  • Mike

    Hmmm. Well, I agree that there is no subtlety to this songs lyrics. I think the use of it makes a great point, in my opinion. I seem to remember a Lady Gaga song talking about taking a “ride” on a “disco stick” not long ago. And, seems that her videos are regarded as appropriate by YouTube standards? I don’t understand? Maybe this video could have been a little more “suggestive.” But then, hard to do with the choice of song. Why would this one be flagged and not Lady Gaga? (who does portray femme-one-femme btw) Kudos to the Yezak team for another great video.

  • bobby

    I don’t get it. Is this satire?

  • Plazaboy

    The song wasn’t awful but wasn’t anything groundbreaking and this video was the same. It’s just a bunch of guys having some fun. And please, let’s save the anorexic comments for people that really are anorexic, most of those boys looked completely healthy…. only one looked slightly pudgy and only one looked scary skinny but he might be one of those people that are naturally skinny.

    Unlike Jamie who is obviously jealous.

  • Billy

    Great video, but a poor song by a gay sell? out wanna be singer/artist.

  • Marcus M

    I wish Katy Perry had more respect for her gay fans than to tell us that this, a song about nothing more than a bad sex joke, is for us. Just makes me think there’s not a lot to us. I’m annoyed that so many will take the bait.

  • Art

    Not a hint of irony or camp? Oh, c’mon. They are wearing giant sequined phallic peacock heads over their speedos for the last part of the video. I think they *just might* be intentionally going for camp.

    The song is trying way too hard, and this video is trying a little too hard– but I bet it was a blast to make, and I think for all the effort they obviously put into it that it’s worth 3 minutes of watching.

  • Jay P

    Yeah he’s very talented and quite sweet actually.

    Oh cute lil white boys (and one semi-unemotional brown boy), well done.

  • Martin Grondin

    The 1950’s called, they want their repressed sexuality back!

    Really, what I find interesting, is the sexualizing of men hitting mainstream (at least in the song being played). A mainstream musical artist is writing a song that’s equivalent to “show me your tits.” Honestly, I think the sooner we get comfortable with men being sexual as a culture the more comfortable they get with homosexuality.

    To all of those saying that this is somehow damaging to gays: is there really any harm being done here? Do we all have to run around in suits and ties to somehow make gays seem “responsible” and “well suited to hetero-normative culture” and anything less is damaging the gay rights movement? Give me a break. We are men who fuck men. We view men as sexual beings (and objects). Trying to hide that for the “good of the community” (lest we become embarrassed!) is no better than the repressive APE (American Puritan Ethic) mentality that plagued society before about heterosexual sexuality.

    It’s a fun video. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but I’m not complaining. The song is a bit tacky, to be frank, but it is damn catchy.

  • Chris

    Why does this have to be turned into such a political issue?

    I thought the video was very well done, and I wish it weren’t to a song by Katy two-faced Perry.

  • Catira

    lol!!! this is so funny!

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