WATCH: Yanis Marshall Dominates Paris In Heels With An Epic Spice Girls Megamix

Not since the Spice Girls’ epic reunion at last year’s Olympic Games have we seen such fierce dedication to the art of Girl Power! Watch above as über sexy French choreographer Yanis Marshall dominates the streets of Paris with a gang of homosexuals, several pairs of nine inch heels, and an attitude you JUST CAN’T TAKE.

One of the youngest choreographers and dance teachers in the country, 23-year-old Marshall prides himself on being one of the few men in France to offer dance classes for both men and women in heels. Why heels? “Why not,” he says. According to Marshall’s website, heels are his favorite accessory in dance, and he uses them “as a way to show us that he fully accepts himself and does not impose any limit to his creativity.”

Awlright. Go ‘head wit yo bad self, gurl!