Watch: Yankees Fans Proudly Torment 2 Male Teens With ‘Y R U Gay’ Anthem

It’s no secret the New York Yankees’ stadium is filled with fine members of society who know all the words to “Y R U Gay,” the uncreative spoof on the Village People’s “YMCA” that’s used to taunt fans of the opposing team. Videos of fans targeting complete strangers are not new to the Internet. Generally speaking, “Y R U Gay” is (one of?) the theme song of the Bleacher Creatures, a loosely knit group of Yankees fans in the cheap seats in the back. And while, after being alerted to fans singing the song (because they were blind to it otherwise?), the team’s flack said “the Yankees have zero tolerance for this and any kind of abuse,” and that any singing “Y R U Gay” will “not be tolerated,” and that security will begin policing the bleachers for such public performances, here we see what appears to be two mop-haired male teens being surrounded by a group of adult men, waving their fingers in the younger guys’ faces, asking them why they’re gay, and testifying they saw them “sucking some D-I-C-K.:

[flv: 650 400]

If you can help us track down what game this was at, we’ll gladly point the Yankees in the right direction of where they can find these ticket purchasers. Because while we’re all for rivalry in sports, and the gentle ribbing of opposing fans who dare enter enemy turf, nobody should be subjected to this bullshit. Especially kids.

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  • Kieran

    More proof that Yankee fans are assholes. How long do you think this kind of verbal abuse would be tolerated if it were directed against people wearing yarmulkes or muslim garb at Yankee Stadium?

  • hephaestion

    Pictures of these assholes need to be posted at all gates so they can be refused entrance. And their photos need to be shown on the jumbotron before games to ask that if anyone sees these assholes in the stadium they can be ejected. There is no excuse for this. This must end. Participants need to be HARSHLY punished, e.g., fined and banned from Yankee Stadium forever.

  • Kev

    Nobody finds it ironic that the guy in white shorts singing YRUGay, couldn’t keep his hands off his junk? But the 2 sitting down are gay?

  • draek

    What is worse is all the people around them looking in with big smiles on their faces. As if this was quality entertainment. It fuels these assholes fire and makes them think, “look how cool and badass we are!”

  • Screaming Queen

    There went all my excitement to teach my nephew to play baseball, I can’t indoctrinate a loved one into that type of institutionalized bigotry, I’d rather see him play girls lacrosse with real atheletes and respectable fans, not these beer swilling side effects from a one night stand worshipping the shmucks that haven’t gotten popped for roids yet.

    Fuck Professional Baseball, Fuck the Yankees, and an especially big Fuck You to the scumbag rednecks that sat around laughing while these morons harassed two children. The crowd of adoring onlookers is apalling on sooooooo many levels. Reeeeeal funny you white trash homophobes, betcha wouldn’t be laughing so hard if that was your son, nephew, or any child in your life.

    Yeah, that’s right, “Civility” just left my vocabulary. Thanks New York, this ones on you and not that crazy lady from Alaska!

  • Jake

    If I were ever in those kids position, i promise that those guys would get it handed to them, fist to face.

  • Joseph

    Just goes to show that most adults are 2 year olds.

  • Michael

    I couldn’t even watch to the end – I lasted about 20 seconds. This is truly awful footage, truly unpleasant, highly offensive, and entirely nasty.

  • Joseph

    @Jake: I’d be right there doing the same^_^

  • Samuel

    Well baseball season has been over for a while. And they are wearing shorts. So…chances are this isn’t a new video.

    No one needed video footage to prove Yankees fans were trash.

  • ChrisM

    What a bunch of scumbags.

  • Casey

    I fucking lol’d. That was hilarious.

  • Kev C

    If all of these men looked like Homer Simpson, you’d all be laughing.

  • Adam

    Can’t any of them be prosecuted in some way? The message needs to get out that this is not OK. This is hate speech. And then people wonder why gays kids are killing themselves? Why gay ADULTS are killing themselves? This disgusting behavior needs to stop.

    This wouldn’t be allowed if they were singing “why are you black/Asian/disabled/handicapped/” etc. Just something to think about.

  • codyj

    sooo sad…I’d be there,along with ‘Jake” to teach those j-o’s a lesson…and as you all said…all those ‘other’ people close by…witnessing this? ,and doing ZERO???? WTF? Sure wish I knew those two young men..I’d send em somewhere, for a dinner out, a place where they would NOT be abused like this, its DISGUSTING….and Im (used to be) a Yankee fan,

  • codyj

    sooo sad…I’d be there,along with ‘Jake” to teach those j-o’s a lesson…and as you all said…all those ‘other’ people close by…witnessing this? ,and doing ZERO???? WTF? Sure wish I knew those two young men..I’d send em somewhere, for a dinner out, a place where they would NOT be abused like this, its DISGUSTING….and Im (used to be) a Yankee fan, and BULLY? two young men against,what 10 or 20? GREAT EQUALITY

  • Mac McNeill

    Unfortunately there are people like this in ALL cities, not just New York. Where ever you go you’ll find rednecks. I live in Reno Nv and here they’re celebrating MLK, not for what he did, but that he died. It would have been great had someone thrown a punch at those two fools, but they didn’t. And yes they will be there next season probably doing the same thing. Just remember you can’t teach stupid.

  • ForeverGay

    HATEROSEXUALS. This is expected behavior by haterosexuals. Haterosexuals know they have numbers on their side so these gay teens basically can’t do anything and the haterosexuals know that the vast majority of haterosexuals support what they did. Look at all the smiling faces as these two gay teens are ganged up on because haterosexuals thought it would be fun to degrade them. But gay activists and gay media can’t say heterosexual. Instead they protect haterosexuals by shifting responsiblity onto religion and politics.

  • Sean Graham

    I am not surprised by this. Every LGBT organization wants to hang out in Manhattan and hang out in the safe area. But never the outer boroughs. Well now…I wonder who is gonna come in and try to save the day?

  • David

    Hmmm. Isn’t NY one of the Bluest of Blue states? Sad to see.

  • Adam

    @Sean Graham: NYC is actually quite homophobic outside of the gay-friendly areas. Overall, contrary to popular opinion, it’s not a very tolerant place. Having lived in both Los Angeles and New York, I’ve found L.A. to be much more tolerant and accepting, *overall,* than the NYC metro area.

  • tjr101

    This is actually not very surprising, insecure heterosexual males can be very homophobic especially at a machismo atmosphere like a baseball game with lots of beer going around.

    I don’t see any black people among the group otherwise this thread would have turned into a huge debate about how homophobic “black culture” is.

  • Kieran

    What’s even more sickening are all the smiling, amused onlookers in the background. It reminds me of those old photos of amused white people at the scene of a lynching.

  • SG

    We should be having a discussion about homophobia in the white community right about now. Right?

  • Casey

    @SG that only applies to minorities. Cause gay people are white so whites obviously can’t be homophobic.

  • reason

    A mean thing to do to children, I sincerely hope that they were not actually gay. The taunting would take on more meaning, and would have the potential to be more damaging. Were they actually wearing jerseys of the opposing team? If so that is a silly mistake to make. At a European soccer game an error like that could end violently.

    @tjr101: As in many cases the intent may have not been to demean homosexuals, but to deliver a blow to a target.

    @Kieran: People like violence, and a situation like this there was a clear demarcation between the in-group Yankees fans, and the outsiders; add beer and testosterone to the situation and those kids are very lucky to get away with just a verbal assault. When passions are high a group can be very dangerous and their threshold for provocations significantly decreased. Similar to the old four southern white men in a pickup truck in the 60’s, the same dynamic is at play just not the race and/or possibly sexuality motivation. The word gay became the instrument of fear and humiliation in the absence of a pickup truck and motivation to cross the threshold of hands on violence. Whether progress has occurred is up for debate, the actors may have just been pushing the boundary of what is acceptable of modern society “the baseball crowd in the background”. In the past the modern society “crowd of smiling people” put lynching within that threshold.

  • adman

    If it was me I’d pick one out, (probably the bitch made-guido looking one in the white shorts) and when he turns his laughing head to get the conformity love that all straight people dedicate their lives to, I’d grab up a rear naked choke on his ass. Then, just wait. Take the kicking, and wait for the security guards to pry my arms off of his dead guido neck. Why not? I panicked, you know? ;P Crowd dynamics work both ways, and there are laws to protect people from mob scenes, why not test them out? What say you Yankee closet case management?

  • ewe

    They are disgraceful and should be arrested for harassment.

  • elephunk

    um, this video is 3 years old.

    still totally inappropriate. but this isn’t news.

  • ewe

    That is the exact kind of behavior that forces public arenas to ban alcohol. They ruin if for everyone not just their intended target.

  • ewe

    @elephunk: I saw it previously too but not on any news network. Those two harassing assholes should be embarassed nationally.

  • Tony

    Yankess fans are homophobic scum….I hope they are tracked down and arrested…..

    BTW….Boston fans would never do this….they have some class unlike the NY douchebags

  • Queer Supremacist

    This is more proof that breeders are inherently inferior. And people say “I’m no better than they are” for hating the haterosexuals? In my personal life I am quite civil to people, as long as they don’t bother me. I only go on the defensive.

  • redball

    Were the two boys even gay? I noticed they *were* sitting awfully close together. I felt bad for them.

    Shame on those loud homophobes.

    @Screaming Queen: “side effects from a one night stand”…FTW! I am so saving that line for future use :)

  • B

    No. 14 · Adam wrote, “Can’t any of them be prosecuted in some way?”

    Probably not unless you can prove public drunkenness – it isn’t even clear if they were targeting those teenage kids, who just might have ended up with seats surrounded by a group of rowdy people who were clowning around with each other – you can’t
    always get contiguous seats for a group.

    That doesn’t mean they can’t be kicked out of the stadium, however, for rowdy or obnoxious conduct – it is just that being an ass is not a crime.

    No. 34 · redball wrote, “Were the two boys even gay? I noticed they *were* sitting awfully close together.” They could have
    just felt nervous being surrounded by some possibly drunk adults who were acting out.

  • prohomo

    Fucking evil straight trash-I’d love to nuke’em.

  • McMike

    This is exactly what is wrong with America and why this country needs to be flushed.

  • afrolito

    White people are homophobic??? Not really surprising, since the WHITE CHURCH dominates their communities, and teaches hate and intolerance. :)

  • jason

    This is appalling behavior on the part of these vile white New Yorkers. Yes, white.

  • jason

    But, but, but….I thought New York City was supposed to be such a gay-friendly place that was very accepting. Or so I was told by Gay Inc and New Yorkers in general. Looks like I’ll have to change my assessment.

    Oh, and are they still dragging their feet on gay marriage in New York?

  • Pip

    makes me embarrassed for the human race. this is literally the behavior of elementary school kids.

  • CHIP1218

    Once again it reinforces why I am proud to be a New York METS fan…the crowds in Queens are much more tolerant than the crowds in the Bronx.

  • gen

    It’s absolutely depressing. American’s are sometimes light years behind! I love America but not in this form!All my sympathy to the children of the video and congratulations for their having been higher!
    Gen By Naples (ITALY)

  • DR


    For what? Being a jerk in public isn’t a crime. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, enough with the bloody cries to criminalize everything! I don’t want to live in a state where mommy thinks I’m so fragile she has to protect me from a couple of drunken tools singing a stupid song.

  • Atomicrob

    Wow, this is REALLY bad . . . they should be prosecuted. And to those of you who disagree, well, if you were the object of this verbal abuse and humiliation, I’m certain you would feel differently.

  • Franky

    This video is old, and supposedly, the Bleacher Creature crew of misfit insecure losers doesn’t chant anti-gay chants anymore. There was a major fallout after these homophobic videos surfaced in October, and the Yankees management, again supposedly, told them to either stop or they wouldn’t be allowed at the Yankees stadium. I’m sure if they have continued the anti-gay taunts, we would have heard by now. I don’t think the Yankees management will allow it because of how image conscious they are.

    Hopefully these 2 kids weren’t too psychologically hurt. These ruffnecks really need a pop in the mouth for their actions.

  • Dionte

    Someone should track them down and take them out!

  • jasun mark

    The most disgusting thing is all the people standing around getting such a kick out of watching this… big smiles… laughing… acting like this is a fun way to spend the day.

  • Franky

    It’s typical pack herd mentality. The homophobia aspect removed for one second, it’s the typical bullying tactic. Pick on someone you know can’t fight back, someone you consider weak and therefore have no human respect for, and, especially given the fact they are young guys, taunt them by calling them gay. Sadly, “gay” (and worse) is still probably the worst insult you can unload on guy. When you put drunk, over-masculine, socially and mentally inferior in a crowd with people who look vulnerable in their eyes, you are going to be a target. These people do this for sport and they feel absolutely no incentive to not behave this way. They don’t have any fear of responsibility of their actions. Hopefully the Yankees have corrected this situation, but just because they’ve potentially stopped the anti-gay taunts in the stadium, doesn’t mean aren’t continuing with their hatred outside of it.

  • Sean Chapin

    This video appears to be a YouTube video that was uploaded four years ago. I hope that Queerty can clarify this if this is the case. Also, Major League Baseball is in offseason since the Yankee announced in October 2010 that they won’t tolerate this parod at their ballgames.

  • edgyguy1426

    @redball: I think the guys brave enough fans of the opposing visiting teams and wear their jerseys are the ones unfortunate enought to get all the serenading.

  • edgyguy1426

    @redball: I think the opposing teams fans are the ones to get the serenading treatment.

  • mediamaniac

    They’re lucky I wasn’t one of those kids or that coke would have been spraying all up in their face.

  • Editor's note

    according to our sources it appears that P. Palin wrote the words to this song

  • James

    @Kev: that’s what i thought too. ok, i’m not the only one that noticed..

  • James

    @afrolito: homophobia exists in many races and cultures. it’s the whites that are usually so self-absorbed that they’d be stupid enough to post crap like this…
    this is coming from a white guy.

  • Y R U GAY

    Oh, please.

    They went to an opposing team game, probably wearing the opposite teams colors. They had it coming.

    This kind of shit happened ALL NIGHT LONG when I would go to Orlando Predators Arena Football League games. If you came in wearing opposite team’s colors, you were taunted, made fun of, called names, screamed at, etc. It wasn’t because any opposing team members or fans were gay, but because they went to the opposing teams home stadium.

    It’s part of sports. Don’t like it? Don’t go to sports games.

  • Y R U GAY

    @Franky: Holy shit. Do you really think that’s an appropriate action? Someone says the word “gay”, they should be punched in the mouth?

    Are you seriously advocating physical violence because some children might be “psychologically harmed” by being called “gay”?


  • Kev C

    Whoever wrote this song was being polite by not using the F* word .. so as not to offend any gays.

  • Adam

    @Y R U GAY: And I suppose every gay man who might look “gay” “has it coming” as well? That argument is weak, dangergous, and doesn’t in any way justify this behavior, be it sports or anything else.

  • Adam


  • Y R U GAY

    @Adam: That’s cute! Putting words in my mouth like that.

    Where did I mention “anyone looking gay”? Oh, that’s right!

    I didn’t.

    I said they went to a team’s home stadium, likely with some kind of display for the other team.

    It happens. It’s sports. I don’t understand why, says the article, “ribbing of opposing fans” is okay, but as soon as the word “gay” is thrown in it’s a horrible, horrible thing.

  • Dave

    @Joseph: Let’s go make out in that section and start a brawl if they start singing! LOL.

  • Adam

    @Y R U GAY: Reread my comment again until it sinks into your apparently thick skull what I’m saying.

  • David

    It’s sad that these kids sat there, having to take this. The other fans looking on make me sick. Having said that, if they wore the uniforms of the opposing team, they deserve to be yelled at, but not in a homophobic way. At Wrigley Field in Chicago, where I was often in the bleachers until I got a real job, we always would heckle the other team’s outfielders–but usually saying unkind things about their wives/girlfriends. Any fan wearing the other teams jerseys got yelled at too, but not like this.

  • Me

    Get over yourselves. How about gays lobby congress to get rid of the first amendment..that will solve all your ‘problems’

  • Richard Weare

    Hello everyone my name is Richard Weare and I live in Calgary, Alberta in Canada and I am not that smart in the first place as basically I am considered a major league idiot. I can’t even remember when somebody tells me the location of a local but that definitely proves what a moron and complete dummy that I am but I will never get any smarter as my IQ is only 75.

  • Soupy

    Actually, Me, getting rid of the second amendment would solve a lot more problems. But no, you need free speech and an assault weapon, in case you don’t like what gay people say.

  • JT

    Ok, Y R U holding ur dick while you sing to underage boys?

    Creepy much? Ladies, if you see that dude on the left out at the bar, you might not want to take him home… You might find yourself being interviewed by the Feds.

    This little cover-song is just an expression of straight men being PAINFULLY Embarrassed of that home video their mom has stashed away somewhere of them singing the YMCA as a teenage boy before puberty changed their voice… They are subconsciously trying to save these boys from the same embarrassment. Since the boys are from the opposing team, they are already “separate from the herd”. The older males will try to show aggression and humiliation to the boys to make sure they don’t ever behave differently again…

    The problem is – if the boys have an even a modicum of intellect, they will reject all that is seen as “normal” by their “attackers” and now a total freak has been created… Nice going, neanderthals…

    Although I’m gay, I agree with those who say no laws should be passed and no trials should take place… In the grand scheme of things – this video should be humiliating and punishment enough for at least the guy who keeps touching himself subconsciously during the song.

  • Francis

    Interesting to see how the homphobes Y R U Gay and Me make excuses for their reprehensible behavior and mentality and can’t take responsibility for their actions. That’s again, more pack herd mentality. Thinking you are absolved from responsibility because you’re at the top of the foodchain, and gay is just gay. People like that never take the time to even as much as think about why their actions are destructive, because they’ve never had to, they’re straight, men, macho, and therefore pretty much shielded from ever having to actually gaining some sort of individual conscious. When you lack bare human respect for another person, all reasoned thinking goes out the window.

  • Francis

    I hope the people watching this video don’t make generalizations about Yankee fans, or New Yorkers in general. We’re NOT all like this, I promise. This is disgusting.

  • Ryan

    Why is it that they are singing about gays and cant help but awkwardly rub their penises thru their shorts every other minute?

  • prohomo

    @Y R U GAY: Your excuse is pathetic (it’s part of sports culture”). Stop excusing bad behavior.

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